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Modern haymaking is a mechanized process requiring the use of hay grapple equipment. Automation significantly reduces the time used in making the bails and improves the quality of compaction and stacking of hay. Each device used works differently. One has to familiarize themselves with how each machine works before using them in the field.

Modern equipment used in field

Haymaking involves several processes. Harvesting and drying of the crop have to be done before making hay. Tools such as a rake, a hay grapple hook, and accumulator facilitate carrying out the various tasks. The choice of equipment used will be based on availability and the volume of hay that requires stacking.

How to handle the tools as you work

Understanding how a machine operates is essential in getting a quality job done and ensuring personal safety. Read the user manual before using any new equipment you may have bought. Grappling tools have moving parts which should be enclosed appropriately and avoided by users to protect them from injuries. Individuals with the right expertise should oversee operations of the equipment in the field.

Carrying out repairs and maintenance

Tools used in haymaking require servicing to ensure they operate efficiently. Repairs and replacement of broken parts are needed from time to time. Only allow a trained mechanic or technician to do the job for you. Use genuine parts from an authorized dealer if you wish to replace any parts. Malfunctioning equipment should never be used in the field as it will lead to a compromise in the quality of the bales of hay and can also end up injuring the users.

Tips to follow when buying the equipment

Does your research on not only cost but the quality of work done by the particular equipment brand you want to buy. Company websites are a convenient place to start as they have information on the various items companies have on sale. One can also visit a showroom if they wish to get a demonstration of how the machine works. Ensure you buy your equipment from registered and authorized dealers only.

Even with the best tools, one must carefully select the type of crop they use. It should be of the best quality and free from any unnecessary material.The crop should also be adequately dried to facilitate proper compaction and stacking of the bails. Once used the equipment the storage facility should be away from elements that can corrode and destroy the machine parts.

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