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Local Highlight: Ideas For Remodeling Your Home

(See part 2 here) Do you need some specific ideas for remodeling your home?  If you want to keep up with the current trends, here is what you should do:

Open Up the Kitchen

Opening up the kitchen means that you simply have a wall removed in between the kitchen and a room next to it. This creates a lot of space in the kitchen that makes it more convenient to cook and prepare meals, but it also makes the kitchen look significantly bigger than it actually is.  Even smaller homes will look larger on the interior once people begin to utilize open floor plans.  After all, you don’t only use the kitchen for eating and preparing meals.  It’s an area to socialize and get some work done.

Use Hardwood Flooring

Opening up your kitchen is only the first part in renovating your home. Install hardwood floors as the second part of your kitchen renovation plan.  Yes, hardwood floors are significantly more expensive than other flooring options, but remember, hardwood floors are also timeless and they have never gone out of style over the years.  In fact, back in 2014, hardwood floors were more popular in renovated kitchens even than tile.


When renovating your home, you want to make sure that it’s a good fit for your family and for your tastes, but you also want to make sure that the renovation will improve the function of the space. When customizing your home, you must weigh your needs vs. your wants.  Every room in your home is important, and you don’t want to make it unimportant just by making it look cool.  Comfort, looks, and usability all have to be taken into account.

What are some common customization plans that are being put into effect by other homeowners? An easy one to point out is charging stations for phones, tablets, and laptops.  Another example is USB charging ports that are built into electrical outlooks to make the rooms significantly more improved.

Separate the Shower from the Bathtub…if You Want a Bathtub

Less and less homeowners are installing a shower and bathtub combination. The two are constantly being separated, and in many cases, the bathtub is not even installed.  Homeowners are liking standup showers with tiles and glass much more than having it combined with a bathtub or even having a bathtub installed at all.