Guiding Your Customers: The Steps to Take

Every sale should follow a pattern, especially for cars for sale Surrey: a determination of need followed by suggested solutions, following up with a closing aimed at conveying a product or service to satisfy that need. The benefits of these approaches allow you to open the door to new or repeated activities. Some steps are straightforward, but some are also cyclical. All of them are crucial to your customer service.

Greeting the Customer

Beyond the initial “hello and how are you,” serve the customer by reminding her of opportunities and deadlines. “It’s on special today!”

Whetting the Customer’s Appetite

“As you know, the [product] has been well received and has no competition. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to reduce the price. What we do is make available a selection of trial sizes. The value of this product selection is larger than the value of the [product] you seek. You could say that the [product] is free.”

Focusing on the specific product

“You’ve tried the [product] and had good results. This would be a good time to take advantage of more of these specials to continue the outstanding progress you have made.”

Identifying and promoting the entire line

“You’ve been a [product] user for about two months, and the results have been outstanding. We have other products in the line that might be of interest. You indicated that you also had another problem we might address. Here is a potential solution, but you’ll not know until you try it. We’re making it available to you today for half-price. And it’s guaranteed.”

Bootstrap a Non-related Product

“I noted, when I walked into your office, that there is a way to cut your overhead while still obtaining the flexibility of results you’ve come to expect. I have another product to show you. When would be a good time to schedule a demonstration? How about tomorrow at 9 a.m.?”

Prepping the Upcoming Product or Opportunity

“At the first of the month we will have a product that eclipses what you have installed on the factory floor. It has features that are not on the machines you have. Yes, it will cost a small amount more, but I can prove to you that the unit of output will be far less expensive and you will be able to boost production.

There’s more to this, of course, but this is the place to start.