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Worksites must be prepared well before any construction is started. Site preparation is a challenging task. This process involves clearing the site, testing the soil, and preparing the ground for the final construction project.

Worksite Clearing
A worksite must be prepared in such a way that it is ready for use by the construction team. The initial task involves removal of the trees and any other vegetation. Earlier structures at the site if not required must be demolished. The ground should be leveled and graded. The site must be cleared of any obstacle that can impede the construction process.

Soil Testing
It is an important part of the construction project. Any type of structure is going to put weight on the ground. The soil of the ground must be able to withstand this weight. It should be able to handle water seepage. The ground should be developed for the type of structure that will be built on it. All these calculations can be done only after testing the soil type, condition and quality. The tests reveal if the ground will withstand the weight of the structure and remain stable.

Site Designing
It is a technical process that requires developing the intricate design of the structure and its surrounding. The site design specifies how and where each part of the structure will be built. A building used by people must have proper water supply, drainage and sewerage systems. Construction site designing job requires careful planning with the support of architects, engineers and plumbers. The site design must comply with the local building laws. There should be proper parking and moving spaces for vehicles.

Construction of a building requires digging the ground to build the foundation. Many homes have basement and even underground structures. These structures require deep excavation of the ground. A high rise building requires very deep excavation. The ground must be excavated under the guidance of a civil engineer. A construction site ground is excavated using excavators and other earth moving equipment. There should be proper planning beforehand to dispose the soil excavated from the site.

Once the excavation has been completed, the ground is ready for building the foundation. After the foundation is ready, the part of the structure that will be over the ground is built. Even after completing the construction of the main structure, the building owner may have to take other measures to ensure the building will be safe and secure in future. It may require building ground erosion control structures to prevent soil erosion. Construction worksites should be prepared only by certified and licensed civil contractors.

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