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The rate at which new movies are released into the market is no doubt very high. However, unlike movie producers that have enough money to constantly produce movies and release them into the market, it appears movie lovers do not have the funds to follow up with the latest releases of movie producers. Due to the lack of adequate funds on the part of movie lovers, paying for subscriptions on a monthly basis, getting DVDs of recently released movies, or buying tickets to go see movies. Due to these challenges that movie lovers face, they have been able to discover ways to enjoy movies without having to part with any money.

While there are quite a lot of ways through which movie lovers have access to moves without making any payments, websites, where they can stream, as well as download movies of their choice, are some of the most popular alternatives to movie enthusiast that are not willing to spend money before enjoying a movie. Filmyhit is one of the websites where movie enthusiasts can enjoy movies for free. On this site are various genres of movies. Furthermore, you are not limited to movies that were acted in English as there are movies in other languages apart from English on this site. That’s not all. You can either choose to download the movies on this site or stream them in good video and audio quality.

Although Filmyhit is such an amazing site, there are times when it is offline. If you visit this site and find it offline, you will definitely need to access other sites that offer similar services. This, therefore, makes it important that you know other sites that offer similar services to Filmyhit.

That being said, contained in this article are Filmyhit alternatives. Read on to find out what these alternatives are.


On this site, movie enthusiasts do not need to pay a fee before enjoying all that it has to offer. In addition to the fact that you do not have to pay to enjoy the movies on this site, you can also get the best out of Hindi movies. Although it is a trusted platform for Hindi movies, you can also enjoy movies in other languages and genre. On 9XMOVIE, you can enjoy television series and movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Malayan, Kannada, etc.


Solarmovie is a great alternative to Filmyhit. However, unlike other alternatives to Filmyhit that have a reputation for allowing countless numbers of ads popups, the ad popups on Solarmovie are not so frequent. Due to this reduced number of ad popups, the distractions which movie lovers have to go through while watching movies on this platform are greatly reduced. In addition to being a site that has a reputation for a reduced number of ad popups, this site is a good platform for people that are quite new to the movie word and are not sure of what movies they really want to see.


With a name that is quite similar to Filmyhit, Filmywap is a platform that gives movie enthusiasts access to thousands of television series and movies. Due to the number of movies on this site, virtually everyone can always locate something interesting on it. Unlike some other sites which have content in low and high quality, Filmyway has content in only high quality. Although the quality of the content on this site is high, it does not interfere with the speed at which videos can be downloaded. While there are lots of good qualities this site is known for, even more amazing is the fact that you do not need to get registered or even get verified before enjoying all that it has to offer.


PrimeWire is a movie platform that has been in existence for a long time and has enjoyed a good level of prominence among movie lovers. This platform enjoys a good level of traffic and is also very organized. While other platforms on this list are only focused on movies and television series, on PrimeWire, you can have access to music videos and other contents other than movies and television series.

Download Hub

From the name of this site, it is easy to tell what it is really focused on. On this platform, movie lovers can easily download movies without any hassle. Although it is a site where movie enthusiasts can download movies of their choice, it is also a platform to download Audio music, PC Games and television shows. This website does not have the appearance of a high profile website. It, however, is loaded with various types of movies ad is also very user-friendly.


This platform is considered the best alternative to Filmyhit. It is available to all movie lovers that want to have access to movies and television series without paying any fee. On this platform, movie enthusiast can have access to movies from various industries. Some of the industries that have their movies on this platform are Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, South Indian Hindi, etc. In addition to having movies from different industries, the contents on this platform are of various qualities. So, it is up to any visitor to this site to choose what quality of movie they want to watch.


123movies is a good platform for anyone that loves to have access to a wide range of movies without parting with any money. This platform does not just offer movies and television series for free, all its contents are very well arranged and can be located very easily. There are various categories of contents on 123movies. Some of these categories include recently added movies, recently added amines series, recently added TV series, recently added Asian dramas, and recently added cartoon movies. You do not need to be a registered user of this site before you can have access to all that it has to offer. All you need to do as soon as you come across a content that you love is to click on the content and you can begin enjoying it.

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