Token Expired MinerGate Extended Mode

If you’ve ever tried mining cryptocurrencies, then you’ve probably come across a very common issue that a lot of people have had. That is the big error that states “MinerGate Token Expired Meaning”. While it can be frustrating, there has been a way to resolve it, and we’ve got a specialized guide on how to fix it that might be able to work for you.

Is Mining on One PC Productive

When you’re mining your own cryptocurrency, this depends on a lot of factors. While mining on a regular PC isn’t always productive, especially if you haven’t modeled it to mine with the right hardware, then you can ensure that you’re going to actually end up spending more. The key is to not spend more than you’re making if you want mining to pay for itself. This isn’t always easy with electric costs, but if you do your homework right, you can use software like MinerGate in order to mine productively and easily. There have been thousands who have been diving into the crypto world, and that being said, there are a lot more who are joining the crowds to make themselves some automated crypto.

The First Way to Fix the Issue

One of the first ways to fix this issue is to sign out and sign back in. It doesn’t always work, but a lot of times it’s like power cycling your equipment basically. If you sign into your MinerGate software, and then you end up seeing that there is a token expired for your cryptocurrency, you must manually sign out completely. Go to the Menu, then click on Logout to sign out of your mining session. After that, you can try to sign back in again and this may fix the issue. If it doesn’t, there are other solutions you can try.

Extend Your Mode

As before, you must sign out in order to log back in but this time you want to try to sign into extended mode. Just click the button on Extended mode and most of the time, this one will resolve your issue. However, there are some users who have still complained that this didn’t work. Fortunately, here’s another fix below!

Update Your Software

Often times the issue might be because of outdated software. This happens not only with MinerGate, but with many software programs, so it’s a good general rule to go to the MinerGate website and redownload the newest release of the GUI software. Download it, and for security purposes and (always the best way to do so), you can uninstall your previous version of MG, then run the setup file for your new updated software. This fixes almost everyone’s problem in numerous cases.

What if These Don’t Work?

Well, there are of course other things you can do, for example a complete “reboot” of your system. This is something that many people don’t consider. If you happen to still have this issue after doing all of the above (no matter how frustrating it is), try signing out of your MinerGate Software, make sure you flick on Menu->Exit and exit the application. Once the software has closed completely. Before that, one of the things you can do is make sure you set it to not load when you boot up your PC or log into Windows. This will not only speed up boot times, but make sure that it doesn’t try to run in the background when you boot your computer back up. After exiting, make sure you shut down your computer completely. Try booting back up, wait until everything’s completely loaded, and then try opening the MinerGate application. This will fix the problem in most cases as long as you don’t have a bunch of other software demanding your graphics drivers at the given time.

The Biggest Problem with MinerGate

One of the most common problems even above this one that many people face, is that they’ll still get this error, as well as failed attempts to mine. A lot of times this is because of the rise of cryptocurrency mining requirements. For example, in the past, it was perfectly easy to mine Ethereum and other altcoins with as low as a 2 gigabyte memory graphics card, or even with a pretty steady Intel I5 processor. Now that it’s 2019, the pools have advanced greatly, and thus it’s recommended that the minimum requirement to mine even Ethereum is approximately 4 gigabytes when it comes to your graphic card’s memory. The downside? Even with this, you want to have a processor and the RAM that it takes to continue to run your PC, as this will greatly cause some bottlenecking if you don’t have a solid processor to go along with your graphics card, which also causes major reductions in successful attempts at mining.


These are the most common ways; that you can achieve to get rid of MinerGate’s terrible token expired error. However, these aren’t the only resolutions, and this isn’t a one hundred percent way to alleviate this issue. Some people try to mine on their own personal computers that they regularly use, and because of this, there may be memory allocation problems, as well as problems with things like Windows Defender and antiviruses that constantly scan your system. While sure, it’s important to have good firewalls installed (usually if you have high speed internet, your router has one already on, and so does your operating system), and too much extra software running in the background can take away from your computer’s performance. Basically, you need to run everything pretty much stripped down with just the essentials and only the running background processes you need in order for your system to run and the software to run successfully.

Don’t forget, mining doesn’t have to always be a headache, and with MinerGate, it’s actually easier to mine cryptocurrency than with most other miners. While the resources may take more than using console mining applications, the big part of the problem with those is that they take a lot of manual configuration of .BAT files and .config files, as well as pool connections, and you have to generally do a lot more when it comes to making sure you get your cryptocurrency and wait for your payout. With MinerGate, what you mine is automatically in your MG wallet and ready to transfer once you reach the minimum threshold in order to transfer funds, making it one of the better options.

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