A Mesmerizing Experience Andharban trek

Andharban trek

Andharban literally translates to “dark forest “. This dark forest trek is graded as a moderately easy trek. Elevated to an altitude of 2,160 ft this trek takes hardly a day to complete. 

This trek lies in the sahyadri region and takes you through thickly packed forests along with that it also offers you a chance to experience the beautiful devkund waterfalls. Plus the valley and the tamhini ghats are also enchanting in that trail.

When all the treks ascend high, this trek descends low. Starting from the high elevation it descends down into the valley to reach the backwaters of the Bhira dam after trailing via the scattered streams and spurting waterfalls. 

Basic Information 

  • The trail is 13km long 
  • It takes roughly about 4-5 hrs to complete this trek.
  • There isn’t any source for drinking water, so you have to carry them.

Interesting Facts About Andharban Trek

  • This trek is open all day 
  • Sometimes people trek during nights also , the only precaution needed is you need to carry torches during such instances. 
  • The starting point of the trek is 200mts away from the pimpri village at a location named as independence point, located near the pimpri dam.
  • Trailing here is much like walking in a maze, one wrong turn will let you wander around the forest. 
  • You need to pay ₹.50 to start the trek from the path that starts via the broken chain-link fence.
  • There isn’t any proper setup for this,  but the fee collected is legitimate as the trekkers are given receipt for the amount they pay at the counter.
  • The trail forms a u shape. It takes a U shaped turn around the backwaters in the kundalika valley.
  • Though it is a descending trek, the extreme humidity and slippery path, gives a tougher look to the trek.

 Andharban – The Trek

  • The trail runs completely in thickly packed forest area and there isn’t any trace of humans around that place. 
  • Being a forest trek, this trek is rich with flora and fauna and serves as  a home for a huge variety of wildlife. 
  • The trail takes you to the top wall of the pimpri dam for a straight 100mts distance. After that this trek takes a right turn to enter into a open space 
  • With paddy fields on either sides,  you trail for another 200mts before reaching tall bushes.
  • Taking another right , there will be sign boards guiding you to start the trek. 
  • After that this trail continues in a straight path and slowly descends deep.
  • You will come across three major streams on your way. You may require ropes to cross them during monsoon as they become turbulent. 
  • The trail then pickups on the other side, you need to walk for about 1.5km to reach the rivulet, after a perfect U bend.
  • After that you’ll climb up a slight hill from where you’ll be directed into the thick forest. The real Andharban begins here.
  • The forest gets darker way quicker yet the trail will be clearly visible for you to proceed. 
  • You’ll continue to climb down the gradual descend for another 3 kms before climbing a small hill.
  • Later on you’ll enter into a wide open plateau after the dense forest and valley towards the left presents you a breathtaking view. 
  • The trail after this will lead you to Hirdi, a small village which is just 5 minutes walkable distance. 
  • From Hirdi, you’ll go right leading down the valley in that slippery stone filled in the path and it continues for about another 2km.
  • You’ll again take a road for a flat walk to see the backwaters of the dam, this path is comparatively long when compared to rest of the portions. 
  • At the end you’ll see a wide river flowing across the trail, though it is wide it is shallow enough to be crossed easy even during monsoon. 
  • After the river , the trail still continues into the patnus village which is the ultimate end of this trek.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • For safety reasons, Andharban trekking is not recommended for women who are in their 1st trimester of pregnancy, anyone whohas had major surgeries, one has a broken leg/arm, has chronic back or neck pains, etc.
  • Consummption of liquor or any kind of intoxicating substance is prohibited in this trek.
  • Carrying any such substance that are considered illegal is not allowed. 
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • consuming heavy food or alcoholic beverages before and after the activity can be avoided.


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