Encanto Characters Age and Height

Encanto Characters Age and Height

On 24 November 2021, a movie was released by the Walt Disney Animation studio namely Encanto. It was a funny movie that telecasted the first Disney princess with spectacles. Before this, none of the Disney princesses was featured with spectacles. This film was a super hit and people became super excited to know the ages of different Encanto characters.

Encanto Characters Age and Height Chart

Here is a chart that depicts the age and height of every character in Encanto:

Name of the character Actual Age Height
Abuela Alma 75 years 5 feet 5 inches
Julieta 50 years 5 feet 5 inches
Bruno 50 years 5 feet 4 inches
Pepa 50 years 6 feet 5 inches
Augustin 50 years 5 feet 10 inches
Isabela 22 years 5 feet 3 inches
Luisa 19 years 6 feet 5 inches
Mirabel 15 years 5 feet 2 inches
Felix 50 years 5 feet 5 inches
Dolores 22 years 5 feet 5 inches
Camilo 15 years 5 feet 4 inches
Antonio 5 years 3 feet 4 inches

Different Encanto Characters Age

There is a total of 12 characters in the film and the age of all varies from 5 years to 75 years where 5 is the minimum age and 75 is the maximum age. If you are also scrolling through the internet to know about the Encanto characters’ age, this blog is where your search ends. Let’s dive in to explore the actual age of every Encanto character along with other details like height, powers and children.

How old is Abuela Alma Encanto?

A 5 feet 5 inches tall Abuela Alma is the oldest and the fundamental character of this notable comedy movie Encanto. As she is the oldest character, her age is 75 years. In the movie, María Cecilia Botero is the voice actor for Alma’s character.

She is the rival character of the movie and married to Pedro. Abuela Alma has children as well as grandchildren. She could be seen as the mother of Julieta, Peta and Bruno and the grandmother of Isabela, Lusia, Antonio, Dolores and Camio.

How old is Julieta in Encanto?

Julieta height is similar to her mother i.e 5 feet 5 inches and talking about her age, she is 50 years old. The voice role of Julieta is played by Angie Cepeda.

Julieta is the second eldest character in the movie Encanto and has the same age as the four other characters which we will discuss later.  In the movie, she has a miraculous ability to heal people with the food she cooks. She has cured many people with her power. Julieta eventually met with Agustin and married him. Both have three kids.

How old is Bruno from Encanto?

Bruno age in the movie is 50 years which is the same as that of Julieta. However, his height is a little less than Julieta and Amla i.e. 5 feet 4 inches. In the film, John Leguizamo is a voice actor for Bruno.

Bruno is a character in the movie Encanto that has the ability to see the future. He can see the wrong things that will happen in the future. In the movie, he tries to let his family members and villagers aware of the predictions about the future, but nobody trusts him and boycotts him.

How old is Pepa in Encanto?

Pepe age in the Encanto is 50 years with height of 6 feet 5 inches. The voice artist for Pepa’s character in the movie is Carolina Gaitán.

Pepa is the daughter of Alma and belongs to the Madrigal family. She is not only a daughter in the movie but also a mother of three kids. Her husband is Felix and both raise their children well in the film. As she belongs to the Madrigal family, you will be thinking about what power she has. So, let us tell you that she has the magical power of controlling the weather with her emotions. Hold on! We know that you are curious to know her height. It is not mentioned anywhere.

How old is Agustin Encanto?

Agustin is 5 feet 10 inches tall and his age is a little less than her wife Julieta, i.e 49 Years. The voiceover actor for Agustin’s character in the movie is Wilmer Valderrama.

Agustin is a spouse of Julieta and was not raised in the Mridgal Family. As he was not a member of the Mridgal family since childhood, he has no miraculous power. In the movie, he could be seen as a caring husband who shares a close relationship with his wife. Julieta also loves her a lot which could be seen when she cured Augstin’s hand when it was stung by the bees.

How old is Isabella Encanto?

A 5 feet 3 inches tall Isabella is 22 years old in the movie. The voice role of Isabella is played by Diane Guerrero.

Isabella is a character that falls in the category of the third generation in the family. She is the daughter of Agustin and Julieta and the granddaughter of Alma and Pedro. Isabella is the eldest in her generation and the eldest sibling of Louisa and Mirabel. She is beautiful and good-looking with a brown complexion and hazel eyes that are really attractive.

How old is Louisa in Encanto?

You will be amazed to know that Loisa is 6 feet 5 inches tall and is 19 years old in Encanto. The voice artist for Louisa’s role in Encanto is Jessica Darrow.

Louisa is considered the rock of the family because of her strength and strong muscle head. Not only strong, but she is the tallest member of the family as well.  Moreover, she is so flexible that she can move her body in a way that others can’t. She is the younger sibling of Isabella and the elder sibling of Mirabel.

How old is Mirabel from Encanto?

Mirabel is just 15 years old and is 5 feet 2 inches tall. Stephanie Beatriz is a voice actor for Mirabel’s character in the popular movie Encanto.

Mirabel is the only youngest sibling of Isabell, Louisa, the youngest daughter of Julieta and Agustin and the young character of the animated film Encanto. She is the only princess in Encanto who wear glasses and is highly featured in the movie.

Well, talking about the magical powers, she has no such power. However, she can with the house, which seems something weird to believe. But she actually does. You will be in a blue funk to know that the house also responds to her.

How old is Felix in Encanto?

A 5 feet 5 inches tall Felix is 50 years old and has a dark brown complexion. The voice role of Felix is played by Mauro Castillo in the movie.

Felix is married to Pepa in the movie and has no phenomenal power because he was not brought up in the Madrigal family. He is a supporting character in the movie with a fun-loving nature. Felix is shown as an optimistic character in the movie because he always tackles her nervous wife positively.

How old is Dolores in Encanto?

As her age is just a little less than Isabel, she is 21 years old and is 5 feet 5 inches long. In the movie, Adassa is the voiceover artist for the villain character ‘Dolores’.

Pepa and Felix have only one daughter namely Dolores who could be seen as a gossip girl in the movie. Isabella is her cousin and Dolores is just a few months younger than her. Both study together and live together in the nursery. Well, she has the power to expose others’ secrets. She is the least emotional character in the family but Bruno exposed her emotional behavior in the movie but likes to stay calm and quiet.

How old is Camilo from Encanto?

A 5 feet 4 inches tall Camilo is just 15 years old and he always tries to please his family with his magical powers.

Camilo is the son o Pepa and Felix and the nephew of Julieta and Agustin. Along with being a sibling of Antonio and Dolores, he is a cousin of Isabela, Louisa and Mirabel. Let’s expose his phenomenal power. He has a tendency to entertain his family members.

As his siblings and cousins know about uncle Bruno, he is not cognizant of him. He last met uncle Bruno when he was just five and now Bruno’s memory gets faded away from his mind. Rhenzy Feliz is the leading voice actor for Camilo’s character in the movie.

How old is Antonio in Encanto?

Being the youngest child of the family, he is just 5 years old and has a height of 3 feet 4 inches only. In the movie, Ravi-Cabot Conyers is the voice actor of Antonio’s character.

Antonio is the youngest character in the movie Encanto. As he is also a part of the Madrigal family, he has a special ability to speak with creatures. He is such a sweet and innocent personality in the movie. He is a lovable kid in the family and tries his best to help his family in every situation.

Final Words

To recapitulate, this was all about the ages of all the characters in Encanto some major details about them. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog and attained some interesting information. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, this blog might have ignited a strong excitement in your mind to watch this movie.


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