07 Effective Reasons That you Should Turn your book into an Audiobook

Audio Book

Audio Book: How it Benefits you with Sales

When you publish a book, your publisher may present you with the option of choosing to publish your book in an audio format as well as just the written format. This is called an audiobook. The audiobook business has risen in popularity in recent years due to the way they offer a mode of convenience to a lot of readers. Opting for an audiobook format may also help in generating greater revenue and sale for your book and help reach out to audiences who may not have even heard of your book.

If you are unsure of why you should consider opting for an audiobook service, this list provides you with seven reasons that you can refer to help with your decision.

07 Awesome Tips That you Should Turn your book into an Audiobook

Make More Money

Audiobooks have a completely different market. When it comes to audiobooks, you are selling your book to people who do not buy books in the same way that others do in a conventional set setting of going to a store and browsing through books and then going home with a stack of paperbacks and reading through each page. People who listen to audiobooks are fast consumers. They are more invested in faster paces and are looking for a way to absorb the material of a book in a more convenient and faster method. When customers purchase audiobooks, they usually buy a few together or even rent an audiobook for a few days at a time.

This usually means that consumers spend more time and money on audiobooks than they would on books, generating more money for the author. You also get to sell your audiobook to a specific platform, which also brings you a chance to make more money. In this way, you would be selling your book on two platforms: through hardcopy and through audiobooks, meaning you are getting two compensations from both forums.

Draw the attention of non-readers

Most of the consumers who listen to and buy audiobooks are not active readers. They just found a way to enjoy a book without having to sit down and read. Audiobooks create a hassle-free mode of enjoying a book without needing to find the time and energy and patience to read each page individually.

You can enjoy an audiobook doing while anything you like, such as cooking, painting, working out, playing a sport, or even just relaxing. Therefore, audiobooks generate a lot more readers than most books do, because it allows non-readers to enjoy your book as well. You can grab their attention and make them enjoy your book in the same capacity they enjoy other books.

Be Easily Discovered

Audiobooks allow you to be on a singular forum with other books and have more means for consumers and readers to find you and reach out to you, the easier it is to be discovered. An audiobook has proven to get a lot of authors their discovery and make their books popular for readers. Audiobooks have tended to garner a lot more interest and attention than regular books which is how authors have been discovered in a much easier way than they otherwise would have through conventional books.

Reach your Audience Easily

Audiobooks are a virtual, online platform. Having an audiobook means you have a way to reach your audience easily. Audiobooks also help listeners connect more with authors, which helps in generating greater interest as well as genuine appeal for your books.

Budget your Time and Cost

Audiobooks cost less and are less time-consuming in their production. Creating an audiobook is much simpler than publishing a hardcover or softcover book because it cuts a lot of the cost of printing and marketing. Marketing for audiobooks generally costs less and takes less time than it would for a hardcopy version of your book. If you divide the production between hardcopy versions of your book and audiobooks, you may find that you save a lot more money and time and can reach out to more audiences in this way by incorporating the use of both.

More Listening Less Screen Time

Audiobook do not require you to look at a screen or focus on a page for too long. You could be doing anything else in the world while listening to your audiobook, and it does not require you to spend so much time engrossed on your screen or on each page. Your eyes take less strain, and you essentially lessen the energy it takes to read a book in its written form. Listening is simple, easy, and does not strain your eyes. It also takes a significantly le amount of time to listen to an audiobook than it does to read a book.

Share Your Audiobook easily with anyone

Audiobooks provide the easiest sharing format available for books. You do not have to worry about any transfer issues or damage. Audiobooks can be shared digitally with anyone you want, without any extra fees or issues. Your audience can also send an audiobook to whomever they want without any hassle, and you can spread more awareness for your book in this way without even realizing it.

Ultimately, it is your decision whether you want to opt for an audiobook or not, but just remember that you could be benefitting a lot more readers who could potentially form a connection to your book and find that it significantly impacts them. It can also be a fun experience to produce an audiobook and one you may find enjoyable.

If you are considering creating an audiobook version of your book, you should investigate audiobook services that provide you with help to produce your audiobook. Audiobook services can help you understand more about what goes into creating an audiobook, how long it takes and what the basic concept is in creating one. Asking experts who specialize in creating audiobooks would be a significant first step towards turning your book into audio!


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