8 Tips To Save Money on Your Wedding 

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Indian weddings are famous for their lavish traditions, warm venue décor, and scrumptious cuisine. However, the costs and expenses associated with an Alishan wedding might leave a significant dent in your bank account. However, if your finances are not carefully planned, the bulk of Indian weddings are notorious for emptying your bank account. If the big day is approaching, this article might help you reduce any unnecessary expenses and maximize your budget. Examine the factors stated below, then make your decision while keeping them in mind.

  1. Selecting a Wedding Date

The winter months of November, December, January, and February are known as “wedding seasons” in India. You are more likely to pay hefty fees for your marriage during these months. Off-season months are significantly less expensive and more convenient. If you want to save money, you should avoid getting married during the wedding season.

2. Get married in your backyard

Getting married in your garden may seem absurd, but with gorgeous décor, intimate settings, and delicious cuisine, it might save you a few thousand dollars in venue expenditures. However, before making that decision, make sure that your garden has enough area to accommodate your visitors comfortably. or you can also go for low cost banquet halls in Gurgaon if you want a banquet hall wedding.

Even if your backyard is not an option, there are always larger homes with large backyards belonging to neighbors, coworkers, or even family. If you are not interested in being married in a garden, you can choose smaller locations and banquets instead of renting pricey and extravagant hotels, resorts, and farmhouses.

3. Choosing the Guests

If you simply invite close friends and family, you will stay within your budget. Your parents’ list of “dur ke cousin chachas and mamas,” some of whose names you may not even know, may make you want to bash your head against the wall.

The only and most reliable strategy to have a cheap wedding is to limit your guest list. Make a headcount ahead of time to guarantee that everything goes off without a hitch. And if you are going to Banquet halls in Delhi you should make a guest list according to the members you can fit in it, as you certainly don’t want to give them a market feel.

4. Clubbing events during a wedding

A multi-event wedding may sound and appear lovely and romantic, but it is also highly expensive. A traditional Indian wedding comprises a number of events, such as the mehendi, sangeet, and reception, to name a few. For each event, each venue asks a significant upfront fee. Combining two events is a dependable method for a low-cost wedding.

Assume, for example, that the reception can be held at the same venue as the wedding ceremony.

5. Hire your own videographer and DJ.

Nowadays, everyone knows a photographer or videographer, so hiring them for a wedding is the most cost-effective and secure alternative. As a consequence, you will save several hundred dollars, which you may spend on other wedding-related expenses.

The professional wedding photographer charges a significant fee for the activities. However, if you can strike a good deal with them, you can create an excellent bundle. And to all my fellow readers and lovers planning a wedding on a tight budget, I advise you to abandon the idea of a pre-wedding shoot.

6. Menu of food and beverages

Catering costs vary depending on your requirements; it will surely be expensive if you provide a broad variety of food alternatives and alcohol. The food is the main draw at Indian weddings. Providing delectable cuisine for your guests may ensure an unforgettable wedding full of memories.

Try out their sample meals before hiring caterers, and let them know ahead of time what type of food you require for the event.

To save money, instead of maintaining all of the brand’s liquor, keep only a modest variety of beverages with good bartender service.

7. Making Plans for Your Honeymoon

The honeymoon period is when true love is most intensely felt. You don’t have to fly to a faraway and exotic location to spend meaningful time with your spouse. Locations that are inexpensive and easy might also help you and your significant other make lifelong memories. However, it is not always necessary to be on a budget. Sometimes happiness is important as well. If you and your partner want to spend money on your honeymoon, that is what you should do.

8. Wedding E-Invitations

Rather than mailing printed copies to all of your guests, send your wedding invitations online. This method is more efficient, more sustainable, and less harmful to the environment. With the advancement of technology, you can now create invites with stunning designs. You can also get creative with your e-invitations by having your digital portrait created.

There are certain ways you can cut back during a wedding. You will splurge once, but there are high chances you will regret it later, so make sure you do it wisely as the decision will stay with you for the rest of your life.


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