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10 Best Electric Racing Surfboard


With paddle board summer approaching, unpack your beach fun-box and prepare for the summer heat and enjoyment. If you are looking to double or triple the fun, then add electric racing surfboards to your box. There are various electric racing surfboards available in the market from which you can choose. So, this article will tell you about the best 10 electric racing surfboards that you can buy and rock the beaches with your friends and families.

What Are Electric Racing Surfboards?

The history of electric racing surfboards dates back to the 1930s. Since then, several companies and engineers have tweaked and changed the board into today’s electric racing board. In addition, the boards are often used in friendly competitions, giving them the name electric racing surfboards.

Table of content

  • Kymera jet bodyboard
  • Mertek S1 inflatable electric surfboard
  • Olo one
  • E foil Neptune
  • Awake Ravik
  • Sup jet electric board
  • Lampuga air electric surfboard
  • Radin G2x jet surfboard
  • Flite board series 2
  • Jet surf sport

Best Electric Racing Surfboards

Lets discuss all of the above mentioned surfboards in details. We will explain brand, size, color, guarantee and availability details of each one.

1) Kymera Jet Bodyboard

Kymera is supposedly the first to launch electric racing bodyboards in the market. Their electric racing surfboards are spectacular and come in various range of colors. Compared to other boards on the list, Kymera boards are more budget-friendly. Therefore, they can be a good option for a first-time buyer. Moreover, the board has a unique and stable design that allows you to maintain grip over the board while surfing at a top speed of 20 Mph (32 kmph). The board weighs 46 pounds, including a battery and can be easily carried by a single person.

Kymera Jet Bodyboard

2) Mertek S1 Inflatable Electric Surfboard

Mertek is a good choice for people searching for a beginner-friendly, low-cost electric surfboard. Their S1 Inflatable Electric Surfboard is extremely user-friendly; because it is inflatable and collapsible, it is simple to transport and takes up little space in a car or bag. In addition, it has a top speed of 16 miles per hour (26 kilometers per hour), which is lower than other models on the market and makes it suited for younger or less experienced surfers. Surfers control the board with a wireless remote, which has eight-speed modes and offers the user a wide range of control. The board also has overboard stop technology, which causes the board to come to a complete stop if you fall off. The Mertek S1 Inflatable Electric Surfboard is one of the most reasonably priced electric surfboards available in the market.

3) Onean Carver

A skilled Spanish team of engineers built the Onean Carver Twin and Carver X to eliminate the need for waves to surf. The Carver X lived true to its name; it was designed to carve up water and was intended for more experienced heavy surfers. The new Carver Twin is geared for casual surfers and lightweight riders, with a dual jet and a single battery. Foot straps, a wireless control, a battery, and a leash are all included in these variants. Compared to other models, it has a great design and a reasonable pricing.

4) E foil Neptune

The NeptuneX surfboard’s smooth aerodynamics and quality design could be explained by the fact that the eFoilFly team includes airplane engineers. It is highly regarded because it is an electronic foil (efoil) board. Because of this design, the board floats above the water and provides a smooth gliding sensation to the rider. The board’s top speed is 27 mph (45 kmph), and its lithium-ion battery provides a 60-minute run time with a two-hour recharge period. The board comes with a wireless remote that shows the speed, temperature, and remaining battery life. As they navigate the waves, users can choose to be precise or use cruise control.

5) Awake Ravik S

Awake is a Swedish company that makes stylish electric surfboards, and its Ravik S Motorized Surfboard is a top-of-the-line model. The key characteristics of this board are speed, agility, and stability. The board has a thin tail and soft edges, which increase agility while reducing buoyancy compared to the previous generation. It has a top speed of 34 miles per hour (56 kmph), and surfers can choose from four different power levels. It also includes a solid twin fin that ensures stability and tightens your confidence in the waves. The board’s high-end characteristics make it a popular choice among surfers searching for the best possible experience.

6) Sup Jet Electric Board

SUP is a well-known name in the world of electric surfboard production. This electric paddle board is ideal for daily use. The spine of the SUP Jet Electric Stand-Up Paddleboard’s robust shell is comprised of high-quality EPS foam. The paddleboard is lightweight, corrosion and chemical-resistant, preventing it from being damaged or harmed by water. In addition, it is a slow board that you can use for slow enjoyment of the moment.

7) Lampuga Air Electric Surfboard

It is one of the most stable and pleasant electric surfboards. They are ideal for taking to the beach or the lake. This board’s high level of stability makes it ideal for beginners, younger riders and family. They are inflatable, but a pump is given to re-fill them.

8) Radin Jet Surfboard

Radin is a well-known brand in the world of electric surfboards. One of the most appealing qualities of a Radinn board is its customizability; you may change the appearance and functions to suit your needs. Radin can develop the perfect design for you, whether it’s your first board or you’re a seasoned rider.

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The boards are made up of three components: the type of board, the jetpack, and the battery. They provide riders a top speed of 34 miles per hour (56 kmph) and 45-minute battery life. Because of the board’s customizability, the pricing varies based on the features desired.

9) Flite Board Series 2

The Fliteboard is a well-known electric surfboard from Australia. This one-of-a-kind efoil jet board has a runtime of up to 90 minutes, making it the endurance champion, and can accommodate riders weighing up to 176 pounds (80 kg). It is a premium board and can cost you more than other boards. However, if you have the resources, you will be satisfied.

10) Ewave Electric Board

The 6000 RPM engine on the Ewave electric jet board promises a top speed of up to 34 mph (56 kmph) and a battery life of up to 35 minutes. The biggest feature of this board is its revolutionary dual system, which allows you to swap between a jet board and a hydrofoil attachment, making it the first “two in one” option on the market. In efoil mode, the riding time is substantially longer, with more than an hour of cruising above the water surface. So you may enjoy the quick spins, jumps, and adrenaline rides on this hybrid machine!


With stability, power and beginner friendliness, demands for these boards are continuously rising. If you want to get these boards, now is the best time before the prices rise. Visit their website and take these electric racing surfboards to your next beach vacation.



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