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Beneficial writing tips to ace the writing section

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The majority of test takers consider the writing a Section of an IELTS exam as the toughest hurdle to surpass. The IELTS Online writing section checks your potential to respond to a given task, coherence, grammatical sense, wide range of vocabulary, and accuracy.  Therefore, your ability to elaborate your views and potential to understand the task is a crucial part. For a quick overview, we would like to inform the IELTS aspirants that in the writing section you will be given 60 minutes and you have to complete 2 tasks within this time frame. Do you often feel difficulty with the writing section? Then, this article is all about enhancing your writing skills to ace this section. 

Generally, it could be seen that students from non-English backgrounds face issues in writing because of some unclear concepts. They are not habitual to write in English because of studying in their religious medium. However, if you are having the same reason, then you need to have a good hand in writing to ace the IELTS exam. To master your skills and for best guidance, you can approach the outstanding platform delivering the best IELTS online classes.  Besides all these skills, your handwriting is equally important to present your ideas clearly in order to escape confusion.  Let’s move further and discuss some useful writing tips to improve your skills. 

Beneficial writing tips to ace the writing section of the IELTS exam:

  • Understand the question

Understanding the question before digging into writing will overcome half of your problems. Without identifying the question, you won’t be able to elaborate in a right way which makes it difficult for you to hit the target score. Therefore, first identify the question- whether it is problem, discussion, solution to some problem or a combination of all. Then try to evaluate what is the exception of the examiner from this essay. Finally, you can move further. Always remember, the  writing module tests your standard in English and not how efficiently you pen down your views. 

However, if you want to acquire further information regarding the IELTS exam, then you can associate with the magnificent institute providing the best IELTS and PTE online classes. 

  • Brainstorm your ideas

After analyzing your question, don’t start writing immediately. Take some time to map out your ideas. Jot down various aspects and perspectives regarding various issues in the essay. When you organize your ideas in a proper manner, you will be able to score more. Moreover, it will save your time and you don’t need to think about ideas in between the writing.  Are you desiring to appear for the IELTS exams but have a poor knowledge of the concepts? Don’t worry! You can achieve the right guidance and best coaching from the reputed institute offering the best IELTS online classes. 

  • Avoid repetition of words

In the IELTS writing task, you need to use a wide range of vocabulary to avoid redundancy of words. Using different words and phrases will gain the impression of the examiner. Moreover, it will make your writing task look more presentable. Always remember, the examiner looks for variation in your words and phrases. When he/she finds out that you have a poor knowledge of vocabulary, he will mark accordingly. This way, you won’t score more than 5 bands.

Therefore, to be familiar with vocabulary, you need to read newspapers, articles, magazines and journals. It is sure, when you make a habit of reading, you will come across a number of unique words. You can find out their meanings and jot it down in your notebook along with their sentences. This is a better way to upgrade your vocabulary

  • Use formal language

Today’s generation is habitual to use informal language and shorthand texts because of spending a lot of time in chat. However, in IELTS writing the use of these informal slangs is strictly prohibited. You should keep your writing style formal because experts suggest using formal style in writing task to hit the8+ band score. Using inappropriate methodologies in writing may offend the examiner, as a result your score will suffer. Additionally, if you are aiming to ace the IELTS exam with flying colours. Then it is advisable to connect with the brilliant source delivering the best IELTS and PTE online classes

  • Keep an eye on word count

Test takers must be aware that word limit of writing task-1 is minimum 150 words and that for writing task-2 is 250 words. However, if aspirants fail to accomplish the writing task in this word length, they will be penalized. Aspirants who are taking computer based IELTS exam, it will be easy for them to keep track of word count. However, if you are sitting for a paper based exam, it will be a hurdle to keep an eye on word count. Therefore,  you need to practice writing daily to get an idea of writing within a specified word range.

Summing up:

To sum up, there is nothing difficult about mastering your writing skills. You just need to practice daily keeping in mind some crucial points. These are some writing tips that you can follow to ace the IELTS exam with desired results.  We hope these tips will be helpful to hit the target bands in the writing section. 



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