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BrewMate Full V.1.26 {Free Download} for Windows


BrewMate is a feature-rich, hassle-free, and easy-to-understand beer recipe designer. Through this software application, you can easily create your beer recipes from scratch in an efficient, feasible, quick, and simple method. You can develop, implement, publish, and export your beer recipes irrespective of your professional or novice experience. Equipped with pre-made formulae that you can alter and modify according to your ideas and needs, you can come up with your beer creation by adding your choice of ingredients, style, batch size (L), efficiency percentage (%), and alcohol levels.


Developed and designed by Rob Hart, the BrewMate Full Version 1.26 free to download software application is a beer recipe maker available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 with a 32-bit space size requirement. You need to install a .NET framework before downloading and installing the V.1 and V.1.26 (the latest and most downloaded) BrewMate application. The file or installation platform for this version is named BrewMate.exe.

You can easily save your recipes in the form of a BeerXML file and open them in the same format anytime. It also comes with a tracker and logger feature that provides you a complete set of data featuring your Beer progress and what step you had last left your recipe before closing the application. Also, in your Open Promrash recipe Files, you can switch your Fermentables Calculation from Weight to Percentage and vice versa.

Click to download the full version here for your PC Windows: BrewMate Full V.1.26 Download.

How does it Work?

While it may appear confusing and hard-to-come-across initially, it is a pretty simple and easy-to-handle application once you can understand its working and the logic behind its icons and principle. Let us go through a quick process working of BrewMate:

1) The Ingredient Setup

  • To begin with your beer formula for creating new flavors, you can start with putting your recipes together by a specific set, such as name, batch size (L), efficiency percentage (%), style, and original gravity (OG). The alcohol content, BU: GU ratio, bitterness (IBU), final gravity (FG), and balance value get determined automatically in the BrewMate app or application as you proceed ahead. You can even pinch in and out the initial values throughout the process as per your desire or requirement.
  • For the grain bill and the right color and extraction for your beer, you can choose one fermentable beer from the list provided in the application. In the subsequent process, you can enter and edit the hop bill details and enter the alpha format (like pellet, leaf, plugs, grams per liter, use, mash, dry hop, aroma, boil, etc.) from the given list. The chilling choice is for you to enable or disable.
  • Finally, you can choose the miscellaneous bill type with features like types (water agent, favor, herbs, spice) and use (primary, mashing, secondary, boiling). You can again set up the fermentation time, yeast, temperature, boil length, etc., for your beer recipe.

2) Reviewing and Exporting

  • After you have entered the brew day mode, you can proceed with the review process to verify the specifications, for example, the original gravity, batch size, total mash volume, total water needed, dead space, brewhouse efficiency, and so on.
  • And you can add your notes and suggestions or time and date in the process before saving the recipe. It can be backed up and kept in an XML format which you can print, save it to continue later, save for personal use in files, and even upload it on the developer’s website with your name and details. Or, you might want to export it as a file in TXT or HTML format.

3) Calculation and Editing

  • Using the disposal timers and a stopwatch, you can set up your timing for the perfect mash and boil and brewing. Apart from editing and changing the styles and uses, you can also calculate the strike water temperature, hydrometer temperature, calories, evaporation rate, and many more details using suitable calculators in the BrewMate application.
  • And the simple working scheme of the program lets you change the default unit of measurement and the recipe options in the day brew mode. You can select your type of yeast, beer style, and hops for creating another new formula.


BrewMate is unique and suitable for reusing on any PC due to is its overall optimum performance as a freeware application. It does little to no impact on the system’s working and has no such case of crashing, hanging, or slowing down other applications or software apps. It runs low on both the RAM and CPU, so you don’t have to worry about it stealing your space in your system.

It does not force the OS to prompt any error messages on the screen and works smoothly every time you launch it. To sum it up, BrewMate is an ideal application facility with plenty of beneficial and handy ideas and features to help you create your beer recipes and export them quickly and easily. And since you can download it for free, you get to take away all the advantages.



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