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Dailylifees.com – Is it Legit or a Scam?

Dailylifees.com - Legit or a Scam

Hello folks! If you are here reading this blog, it definitely indicates that something is constantly bugging you about the credibility of dailylifees. Are you curious to know whether it is fine to trust this website or not? If yes, then hold on and don’t bother about it as we are going to ward off your worries by providing a genuine review of this website.

Let us tell you that a plethora of online portals have provide to be scams. Therefore, it is always a good decision to have a look at the background and reviews before relying on any website blindly. So, grab a cup of tea and start reading this blog to know some useful information and crucial facts about dailylifees. We are sure that you will make a firm decision about the website’s authenticity after reading this blog till the end.

Introduction: Dailylifees.com

Dailylifees is an online shopping platform that sells women’s fashionable and trendy clothing at discounted prices.  Myriad stylish outfits are available on this website which grab the attention of the majority of women. Although it seems to be a great deal to purchase trendy dresses at such a huge discount, the website lacks authenticity.


Specifications of dailylifees.com

Here we have gathered some information and jotted down some points about dailylifees to let you aware of the website’s imperative details:

  • Website URL: http://dailylifees.com/
  • Products Available on the Website: Women’s Clothing
  • Email Address: support@dailylifees.com
  • Phone Number: Not mentioned on the website
  • Given Address: 3D, Donghao Building, Zhangkeng Community, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen
  • Payment Method: Online(with Paypal only)
  • Refund Policy: Available within a limited time duration(As per the website claims)
  • Return Policy: Available within a limited time duration(As per the website claims)

Red Flags About Dailylifees

By observing the information available on the website, we have found some red flags that put this website under suspicion. Let’s have a look at those red flags:

  • No information about the owner: In every business, transparency is required to gain the trust of the customers in order to boost the credibility rate. However, dailylifees lacks transparency as there is no information about the owner on the website. It shows that they don’t want to share their personal information and it only happens when someone is hiding from the public and police. Let us tell you that if you are buying something and paying money for that, it is your right to get details about those you are dealing with. If there is no such information provided on the website, it shows that it is a scam.
  • Huge discounts trap: People behind this online website are really clever as they know how to trap people, especially women. They put huge discounts and sales on the branded items which are too nice to be true. Huge discounts on trendy and expensive products make us believe that this website is totally a scam.
  • Duplicate content: Both images and the written content available on this website are duplicated from other online shopping websites. Let us tell you that the content is the king of any online portal and it has to be unique and relevant. An official and reputable company never does this. However, if the owners of dailylifees are doing so, it means that the website is not at all an authentic and reliable one.
  • Security measures: although the website has an SSL certificate, it isn’t secure at all. The data provided is not secure and the owners can misuse it. So, entering any personal information, especially account details is never recommended. A lack of security makes this website bad and unauthorized.
  • Discouraged Search Engines from Crawling: The website has discourages search engine to crawl and index it. Only fishy websites that do scams discourage search engines from tracking their activities.

discourage from search engines

Pros of dailylifees.com

Apart from negative highlights, we have found some good points as well. Here are some pros of dailylifees.com:

  • Valid SSL certificate.
  • Enormous collection of trendy women’s clothing.
  • A valid email address is available on the website.

Cons of dailylifees.com

The cons of dailylifees.com are much more than the pros. Let’s have a look at the cons of dailylifees.com that make it an unreliable online fashion store:

  • Very low trust rate.
  • No contact number is mentioned on the website.
  • No information about the owner on the website.
  • Domain age is very young about 60 days old.
  • No presence on social media platforms.
  • Delay in delivery.

Customer Reviews on Dailylifees

We have read so many customer reviews and they are not at all happy with their experience. Only 2% of people have given positive reviews and the rest 98% have given negative reviews. Some people said that they are still waiting for the products they have ordered while some said that they have received cheap quality products or entirely different products than those specified on the website.

Is Dailylifees Legit or a Scam?

After considering the pros, cons and customer reviews we have reached the decision that the website seems to be a scam. Just a 2% trust rate and customer satisfaction convinced us to deduce that the website is a scam. Moreover, incomplete owner details and no social media presence strengthened our decision. So folks, beware before placing an order on this website, otherwise, you may fall into the trap of scammers and will end up getting yourself in trouble.

Final Words

Our final say is to stay away from such websites. If you can check, currently it is not working and redirecting to default page of hosting.

website is not working now

We hope that this complete information is enough to let you make your own decision about whether to trust this online shopping store or not. It is our responsibility to let our readers be aware of the scammers, the rest depends upon you.



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