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All about Google Nest Wi-Fi


Google Nest Wi-Fi is the latest requested product in a network of spaces with Google Next. It is an upgrade to the predecessor of Google Wi-Fi. Due to its compact size and accessibility, Google Wi-Fi has already set a benchmark on Wi-Fi Routers. Released in 2016, it caused quite a stir in the market and became a fierce competition for some of the previously established mesh routers such as Samsung Connect Home or Netgear Orbi.

Despite its success, Google Wi-Fi has had some major setbacks, including its unavailability of installing Google Home features. Google Nest Wi-Fi has integrated that.

Released as the second generation in 2019, Google Nest Wi-Fi has restored Google’s home, making it an ideal destination for internet users. It can freely be said that the Google Nest Wi-Fi Google Home Speaker. It, therefore, does not require additional voice support devices. The most important feature of this product is its simplicity, which can satisfy all types of audiences, be it wild or the average internet user. Along with owning a Wi-Fi device, a user must also be able to login to the Wi-Fi devices Ip Address and configure it accordingly. One such IP Address is which is fairly easy to login to. Follow our website to learn more about the login guides for various Wi-Fi routers and networking devices. It also offers features such as device traffic preference, easy setup, and high internet speed.


The First Generation was released in 2016 in the U.S., which was released in other countries. It had 2X2 antennas, as well as 2.4 GHz and 5.4 GHz channels. The second generation was announced in 2019, like Google Nest Wi-Fi, with a few first changes. The router supports AC2200 4X4 MI-MUO and has 1GB RAM and 4 G.B. of flash memory. It also adds a smart speaker inside the router.

Price and comparison

Available in India, US, UK and Australia for Rs. 35,000 / $ 149 / £ 129 / A.U. $ 229 one router 4X4 Wi-Fi Mesh system covered with 2200 sq. Km. Ft. Although Amazon has also introduced its Eero products at a cheaper rate, it offers a much shorter range of 1500 square meters. Google’s Wi-Fi hotspot offers more access, flexibility, and wider installation than your most expensive partner.

Design and setup

The appearance of Google Nest Wi-Fi is different from that of Google Wi-Fi. It comes in the form of a smooth house with cozy corners. The device incorporates a simple LED light that displays the connection. The rubber base consists of two ethernet ports and a charging port.

Speaking of setting up, a user can use Google’s nest over Wi-Fi with the google home app. This is because technically, it is a google home speaker, which makes it easier to manage performance. The built-in setup is 90 percent done by the device itself, making the whole process easier.


The Google Home app has installed all the connectors from the Google Wi-Fi app in terms of interface. However, it does not specify which Wi-Fi device is blocked at all. A new cloud feature from the Google group’s back helps prioritize the type of traffic according to bandwidth requirements. The program, therefore, learns user usage.


Speed ​​tests revealed that the download speed would be 100 Mbps, and the download speed would be 119.56 Mbps. So it’s a little faster than before. The overall performance is good, and the fact that you can ask Google to perform tests makes the whole process much easier.

New Wi-Fi Assistant

The biggest pro of this product is that it can bring Google’s features faster. It gives parental controls, is set up separately (to some extent), and stops instant Internet access with the help of a button. Simplicity is actually what makes it a great Wi-Fi helper. It is a true example for all of us in one way or another.

A great choice for Indian Homes

Indian homes are built of thick concrete walls. Many traditional routers are therefore unable to provide the same signal strength at all angles. Mesh routers such as Google nest Wi-Fi provide reliable coverage and can be used extensively.

So, Is it a good product to buy?

The key question here is whether you want to try new things or not. If you already have Google Wi-Fi, switching to Nest Wi-Fi won’t make much of a difference. You can consider this if you want easy control of Wi-Fi or both the speaker and google assistant features in one product. But if you want to control your online settings, buying this will make it harder.

The conclusion

Google Nest Wi-Fi is a great product. It brings new and old features. The design for the Nest Wi-Fi set is easily usable and also has a nice interface. It’s quick and straightforward when put in context. It has all the latest features that make it a great product. If you are looking for a very effective mesh router as a Wi-Fi assistant, Google Nest Wi-Fi would be a good choice! This router mesh offers the same Wi-Fi signals in-house, making it a worthwhile product to buy.



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