How to Avoid the Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes?

Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Email marketing tools are a perfect tool for all marketers to reach a wider audience and gather more leads. Because email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to increase brand awareness at a minimum cost. But if the marketer makes mistakes while creating or executing the campaigns the efficiency will reduce.

Marketers need to avoid all the mistakes and create effective email marketing campaigns. We know a few common mistakes that most marketers do while designing a campaign. In this blog, we will study what are the most common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Because many marketers think that they have created the best email marketing strategy but still they have questions like:

  • Why dint the users open my email?
  • Why is the click-through rate less for my campaign?
  • Why do my users unsubscribe to my emails?
  • Did the reader like the content in the emails?

To avoid these questions, we have made a list of the most common errors and how to avoid them.

Best ways to avoid the most common email marketing mistakes! 

1) Ignore the GDPR or Other Compliances

All marketing professionals need to understand the compliance policies where they want to target. The marketers usually tend to ignore the compliance policies set for them and they do not comply with them. The businesses that deliver in the European region will have to comply with the general data protection policies (GDPR). If the marketer fails to comply with the GDPR rules there will be legal charges. Moreover, every industry or sector will have its compliance policies to follow.

How to Avoid It

It is crucial for business leaders to train their marketing teams on all the compliance policies that affect their industry. The top CRM software in India will help the business leaders to track and implement all the compliance policies.

2) Subject Line with Low Impact

The subject line is a decision-maker whether or not your user will open your email. And that’s where most email marketers fail and it hampers the results of your campaigns. Because the reader will only see the subject line in the notification and if they feel it is useless content, they will not even open it. Emails with less impactful subject lines will end up in the list of unread emails forever.

How to Avoid It

Consult or hire a creative content or copywriter to write or evaluate the subject line. Moreover, the marketers can put themselves in the user’s shoes to understand whether or not they will open the mail or not.

3) Direct Promotional Mails

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers do is selling their products or services directly. If you directly send promotional emails without even introducing your business it will impact your brand image. Direct promotional mails will end up in the spam or junk folder automatically and will tremendously impact your strategy.

How to Avoid It

The marketers need to design an email marketing strategy with drip emails that start with welcome mail at the first. Depending on the user response the marketer can then change the chain of further emails.

4) Spam the Subscriber’s Folder

It is a very common mistake that every marketer does is that they spam the subscriber’s folder from different IDS. if you spam the user’s folder the user will identify you as a spammer and direct all your mails to the spam folder.

How to Avoid It

The marketers need to create one email that has all the information and shares it with their users. Moreover, you need to set a cooling period before you send another email to your subscriber’s inbox.

5) Subscriber Does Not Have Reply Option

The whole purpose of email marketing is to interact with the customer and lure them to buy from their business. But most of the email marketers send autogenerated emails that do not allow the user to reply. As a result, even if the user wants to interact with you to understand more about it, they won’t be able to do.

How to Avoid It

Create email marketing campaigns that allow users to reply to your email and assign an employee to revert to the customer queries. As a result, the businesses will help to enrich the brand image and increase the conversion rate.

6) Do Not Optimize the Email for Mobile Readers

The majority of the global population has access to their emails through their phone. The marketers usually tend to forget to optimize the email campaigns mobile-friendly. It will impact the users that access mail through the phone because they will be able to get the real essence of it.

How to Avoid It

The best CRM software in India will help to create a comprehensive checklist for the marketers to go through. As a result, the marketer will have to check box all the necessary elements before they make the campaign active.

7) Send the Email at Any Time

One of the most common mistakes that marketers do is they send emails at their convenience. Because there are various time slots where there is huge traffic on the email websites. And sending emails anytime will impact the email marketing campaigns because the mail will move down the inbox.

How to Avoid It

The top CRM software in India will help to track the email marketing campaigns to understand the user flow. The best CRM software will give you analytics of the time slots with higher user engagement.

8) No CTA Button in the Email

It is an essential aspect of email marketing campaigns to have an attractive call to action button. But the marketer tends to forget to add the CTA button in the draft which will impact your business in multiple ways. Because the email marketing campaign will not be able to gather the required results due to no CTA.

How to Avoid It

CTA should be added to the checklist that you check before you make the email marketing campaign live.


Email marketing campaigns are an affordable and effective presales strategy to attract customers. We recommend that marketers avoid these common mistakes in email marketing campaigns to yield desired results. Technology Counter will help business owners to select the right email marketing tools for their business.


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