How to Make a Leather Bag – Step by Step Guide


If you’ve ever wondered how to make a leather bag, you’re not alone. If you want to make a fashionable leather handbag, you can also learn how to sew it yourself. First, you’ll need a sewing machine. You can purchase a leather needle for this purpose from your local craft store. It’s recommended to use a sewing needle that is designed for heavy fabrics, but if you’re unsure, a regular needle will work just fine.

The first step in learning how to sew a leather bag is to sew the straps. Start by stitching the straps. You can use a sewing machine, or you can make a leather bag by yourself. The most important thing is that you follow the steps carefully. It will be easy to make a beautiful leather bag. There are many tools you can buy that can help you with this task.

Process & Tools Used in Leather bag Making

1) Punching mat

You can also use a punching mat. If you’re using a standard punching mat, place it between the layers of the bag. Next, mark where you want your holes. Then, lay the punching mat in between them. To make it easier to see, use a pencil to poke the corners. Then, you’re ready to sew the straps to the bag. You can use your new leather bag to express your creativity!

punching mat for bag

2) Cutting Piece of Leather

The second step is to cut the leather. You’ll need to get a big piece of leather for this. Then, use a punching mat and cut it around the template. This step will take some practice, but will definitely make your bag look more professional. Once you’ve mastered this step, you’ll be able to create a bag that is uniquely yours. Then, you can stitch it with your handbag!

cutting the leather to make a bag

Once you’ve cut the leather, you’ll need to cut the front and back straps. If you’re making a leather bag from scratch, you’ll need to cut the leather carefully so that it will not tear. Be sure to carefully cut the flaps, so that the seams don’t stretch when the bag is closed. After that, you can start sewing the straps. You’ll need to stitch them.

3) Sewing Needle

Sewing, Stitching Parts

Once you’ve cut your leather, the next step is to sew the straps. Ensure that you use the correct size of thread for the job. Then, you need to use the right sewing machine to make the leather. Then, use the sewing Needle to stitch the straps. Once you’re done, you’re all set to sew your leather. There are many things you can do with this tool.


Making Straps

Once you’ve cut the leather, you can start stitching. You need to use the right sewing machine for this step. Then, you’ll need to cut the handles and lining. Then, you’ll need to sew the bottom edge with a 1/2″ seam allowance and a 1.5 mm stitch length. Be sure to reinforce the edges. You can do this by pinning the exterior piece to the lining.

making straps

Attaching pockets

Once you’ve sewn the straps, you’ll need to attach the pocket. Line up the pockets on the front and back straps, and make sure they’re lined up with the top of the bag. Now, attach the pocket and the straps with 9.5mm double cap rivets. After this, you can add a pocket to the inside of the bag. You’ll need to line up the straps with the bottom edge of the bag to make it look more attractive.

attaching pockets

After you’ve stitched the front straps, you’ll need to add a pocket to the back strap. You can place an awl along the top and bottom of the strap and make an awl mark at the top of the strap. Then, use an awl to mark the corners and place the zipper in between the layers of the bag. Then, you’re ready to add the straps to the outside and back. You can use these bags with traditional wears.

3) Finishing

Once you’ve made a leather bag, you can use the leather for the inside and the outside. If you’re using a suede fabric, you should mark the top of the pattern on the leather, so that the pattern doesn’t show when you turn the purse around. You can also make a leather handbag with suede or other patterned fabrics. The main difference is that you can sew a leather handbag without a sewing machine.



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