How to Run an Effective Large-Scale Community

How to Run an Effective Large-Scale Community

Effective large-scale community management requires the perfect balance between strictness and flexibility. These qualities ensure you can accomplish necessary duties within the community. Flexibility lets you modify specific regulations to meet different needs within the community.

Generally, you can look at three primary aspects to learn how to run a large-scale community productively. Understanding these elements enables you to know the areas to improve or adjust for smooth operations in your community.

1. Amenities and Features

Typically, any community featuring 1000 or more units falls under the large-scale classification. It generally has a yearly budget of $1 million or more. This size means you can get a lot of features and amenities in these community types.

For instance, you can find many private roads, common areas, and amenity packages. Some large-scale communities incorporate gated entries with guards. They also commonly have many committees to help run these features and amenities.

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Hence, it is critical to set up various committees according to the features and amenities you have in your area. You can target different needs, forming social, infrastructure, pool house, and infrastructure committees.

Establishing an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) in a larger community is also proper. ARC incorporates volunteer community members who review exterior home changes. They ensure the alterations adhere to the architectural guidelines in the associations governing documents.

2. Professional Managing Companies for Large-Scale Community Management

Running a large-scale community often requires additional help for smooth and effective operations. You want to find companies offering managing services to assist the community in attaining its goals. For instance, Trestle is a management service provider with experienced staff to help communities run successfully.

Trestle proactively advises community board members and drives implementation efforts. It helps your community achieve your objectives, ranging from well-maintained facilities to community rule compliance.

Working with professional management companies provides you with an on-site manager and additional staff. The personnel is typically present for up to 8 hours per day. These working hours enable you to work closely with the association and board while coordinating with committees.

A professional management company can also help your community conduct the ARC review procedures. Thus, they provide ideal conditions to facilitate collaboration and coordination for effectively running a larger community.

3. Appropriate Community Governance

Large-scale community management needs laws and regulations to ensure all parties perform their tasks and improve relations. It can be challenging to enforce the declarations, covenants, and bylaws in a large-scale setting. Thus, it is necessary to form a master association and sub-associations to run the community effectively.

A master association covers the whole community, whereas sub-associations exist within it. You can form the sub-associations using specific characteristics in your community. For example, your community features condominiums and single-family homes. You can set up the condominiums to have their sub-association different from the single-family homes.

You can also manage the large-scale community without the outlined sub-associations. Instead, you can designate different areas within the community as neighborhoods or service areas. In this case, all single-family homes and condominiums belong to the same association, following the same governance. However, they may adhere to different assessment structures in some instances since they may obtain additional services.

Overall, the sub-associations are subject to the individual association documents and those of the master association. It is wise to note that the master association’s governing documents outweigh the sub-association ones in a conflict.

Communities do not have a one-size-fits-all system and thus need different management strategies. Running a large-scale community depends on proper organization and cooperation with various parties. Working with reliable management service providers ensures your large-scale community association can address all its needs.


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