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How to Select a Cost-Effective Continuous Insulation Wall System for Your Commercial Building

How to Select a Cost-Effective Continuous Insulation Wall System for Your Commercial Building

Walking around on a chilly day can get you shivering and reaching out to button up your coat to keep you all warm and cozy.

This is true for your office walls as well, and you want to make sure that you zip it all up with commercial wall insulation so that your commercial space has an all-weather friend. In fact, 40% of all building heating and cooling costs are wasted by uncontrolled air movement though wall assemblies.

To protect your commercial building, you know you have to get it insulated. And for that, you might have come across different types of insulation for commercial buildings like a fiber-glass blanket, rock wool, spray foam, loose-fill, and more.

However, you should know that you can’t just go for any wall insulation. You must go for a high-performing system like a continuous insulation wall system that includes continuous thermal insulation, water-resistive barrier, and air barrier that optimize the structural efficiency of the building.

So, if you’re on the hunt to install a cost-effective continuous insulation wall system for your commercial whereabouts, we’ve got the answer.

Here’s what you should look for when selecting a continuous insulation wall system:

Cost-efficiency: Not all commercial insulated wall panels are budget-friendly. You should look for a code-compliant system with effective air barrier systems that protect from moisture and air filtration. This will ensure minimal energy consumption, leading to reduced monthly consumption expenses.

Adaptability and Flexibility: You should choose continuous insulation that can be adapted easily by both interior and exterior applications, across numerous types of substrates and assembly configurations.

Thermal Performance: A continuous insulation system is ideal to minimize thermal bridging. With a continuous insulation system that has a higher R-value, thermal performance improves and so does energy efficiency.

Overall Efficiency: With continuous insulation, the requirement for the installation of additional insulation materials and components gets eliminated. Thus, you should select a system that retains the air moisture protection in commercial buildings, which leads to a reduction in manual labor as well as the associated costs.

Installation: You should choose continuous insulation that is quick and easy to install and doesn’t require a lot of time and energy.

How to Select a Cost-Effective Continuous Insulation Wall System for Your Commercial Building

Even if a wall system carries a higher than average R-value thermal performance and if it is not continuously installed throughout your commercial building, heat will find its way. Although insulation reduces energy loss through the wall, it does not stop energy loss across the thermal bridge.

Why consider Old Mill Brick’s Panel Systems for your next project?

BrickPanel+ and StonePanel are a cost-effective way to incorporate continuous insulation into your commercial building. Why, you ask?

The Panel+ Systems are ideal for application on the commercial exterior wall systems as well as interior walls, and ceilings/soffits. Our patented system of specialized adhesive, air + water barrier, and foam panels are flexible, customizable foam thickness, and pass all code requirements for continuous insulation. Not just that, the system is a piece of cake. Here’s a video to learn how you can easily install one.

Every inch of foam panel thickness adds an R-value of 5, taking the overall energy readings to a minimum, this means more energy savings and more manageable wall thickness. And the best part – the Panel+ Systems are backed by a 15-year warranty system.



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