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Why You Should Call an Electrician Instead of Doing it Yourself


Electrical troubleshooting, repairs, and installations are best left to professionals. Attempting to fix electrical issues without help can result in more problems and compromise existing insurance coverage. Unless you’ve completed an electrician apprenticeship, stick to experienced professionals.

Below are five key reasons to call an experienced electrician instead of attempting a DIY fix.

1. Licensed Electricians Guarantee Safety

Electricity drives the modern world and is common in homes and public places, so most people forget its dangers. Working with electricity and electrical outlets is dangerous without the proper protocols. A minor error can result in electrocution, bodily harm, and even death. Electricians complete intensive training and practice to equip them with the skills necessary for safe repairs, installations, and troubleshooting.

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Safety is among the top reasons to hire an electrician. Anyone without the required training should never attempt electrical work or they might get hurt. DIY attempts can also result in sub-par connections and an increased risk of fire and property damages. Thousands of fires stem from an electrical failure in the US alone, resulting in many deaths and injuries. Using a professional is crucial to avoiding danger.

2. Professionals Protect Your Insurance

Insurance carriers can cover the cost of electrical repairs and other related services if the job is handled by a professional. No insurance company is willing to pay for DIY repairs or any services offered by non-professionals. If there is an electrical problem, the insurance company categorically recommends hiring a licensed electrician who knows the local building codes. Most companies will confirm that the homeowner hired a professional before covering the repair.

Some local governments make it illegal to attempt DIY electrical work for serious repair jobs. Mortgage lenders may also have a say in who’s allowed to perform electrical repairs and troubleshooting. The insurance company won’t cover electrical damages if they determine there was a previous DIY attempt. Most carriers will blame the damage on unprofessional services, meaning the homeowner will pay from their pocket.

3. They Guarantee Quality Workmanship

An electrician is the perfect professional to approach electrical issues. Licensed electricians must undergo extensive training to get the skills needed to handle electrical work. They can work with different hardware and setups and have the training to correct common issues. Electricians also have field experience and the tools required to achieve safe and efficient repairs, installations, and maintenance.

Choosing an electrician will give you peace of mind knowing the job is handled by a professional. Experienced electricians know where to look, what to look for, and how to fix the issue. They can address minor issues and get the job right on the first attempt. Other advantages include product warranties, labor guarantees, and insurance. If something goes wrong, the electrician’s insurance will cover it.

4. Electricians Will Save Money and Time

People often attempt a DIY fix to save money, but a small mistake can lead to permanent and costly damages. Electrical work is complicated and calls for knowledgeable professionals who know what to do. Attempting a DIY fix can make the issue worse, resulting in higher repair replacement costs. Hiring an electrician can prevent damages or protect you from extra expenses because the professional is liable.

Working with a licensed electrician can also save time. The professionals have the tools, experience, and skills required for a quick job. Most DIYers underestimate the time needed to understand and fix an electrical problem. DIYers also have no guarantees for the outcome and may need repeated store visits to acquire the right tools. Hiring an electrician can eliminate delays, partially finished projects, and frustration.

5. Professionals Fix the Real Problem

DIYers may not see beyond the immediate issue with their unit. A quick online search is enough for DIYers to assume they can fix the problem. Professional electricians understand that minor issues could be a symptom of a much bigger problem. They offer comprehensive troubleshooting to determine any underlying issues to fix the real problem, not just the symptoms.

Professional electricians have the field experience to know when something much bigger is going on. DIYers may experience recurring problems because they only focus on fixing the surface problems. Electricians will probe and test the system to ensure everything works optimally. Reputable electricians also provide professional insights and instructions to help their clients maintain an efficient unit.

Electrician Apprenticeship Programs

Attempting a DIY fix for home electrical issues may be a sign of interest in the profession. Those looking to become electricians can join an apprenticeship program to acquire the knowledge needed to handle basic troubleshooting. An apprentice can address various issues and will receive accreditation allowing them to work on electrical circuits.

Future electricians should start with a reputable electrician apprenceship program from a trusted company. The best electrical companies have a long history of providing electrical services and offer opportunities for apprenticeships and jobs. Training under a local company is a good start for exposure to understanding local buildings, systems, codes, and common issues.



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