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Ordering a Custom Outdoor Table Cover for Your Patio

Custom Outdoor Table

Ordering a Custom Outdoor Table Cover for Your Patio to enhance its beauty can be a daunting task. You need to search for outdoor table covers that have high-quality craftsmanship and are durable in nature.

Here Are a Few Tips to Help You Out

1) Identify the Material Characteristics

Outdoor table covers can either be made from a synthetic or a natural material. For outdoor use, outdoor table covers should ideally be made from outdoor fabrics which do not get damaged when exposed to rain water or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Check the outdoor fabric with the manufacturer’s label; this is usually sewn on outdoor patio cushions or outdoor sofa cushions

2) Choose an Outdoor Table Cover Design That Suits Your Outdoor Table’s Size

It is good practice to choose an outdoor table cover design that fits your outdoor table, irrespective of whether it is a square outdoor table or an outdoor rectangle outdoor table. This will ensure that the outdoor table cover has the exact same size as that of your outdoor table. Make sure you take accurate measurements while choosing the outdoor patio cushions to ensure they are neither too big nor too small for your outdoor living space

3) Check for Weatherproof Outdoor Patio Cushions

As mentioned earlier, outdoor fabrics should ideally be water-resistant and protect against direct sunlight for extended periods of time. You need to check this aspect before making an online purchase since many manufacturers tend to market their fabric as water resistant but in reality it fails at its task when exposed to direct sunlight for several hours over prolonged periods of time. It is always good to choose outdoor fabric which will provide maximum outdoor protection and can be used in both outdoor and indoor areas

4) Outdoor Table Covers Need Protection from the Outdoor Elements

Outdoor patio cushions should ideally have outdoor protective features such as heat and water resistant outdoor fabrics, outdoor table covers with air vents for heat dissipation and outdoor table covers that are waterproof up to a certain level. These features lengthen the lifespan of your outdoor table cover by protecting it against damage due to exposure to direct sunlight, wind or rain

5) Outdoor Table Covers Should Be Easy to Use Outdoor Table Covers

Make sure outdoor table covers have outdoor patio cushions which are non-slip in nature and outdoor patio cushions with straps for fastening purposes. Tightly strapped outdoor patio cushions will prevent them from being blown away by strong winds or moved by children playing outdoor games near your outdoor dining area

6) Check the outdoor fabric’s weight before purchasing

The outdoor fabric that you choose for your outdoor table cover should ideally be lightweight but sturdy enough to withstand heavy rain without tearing apart. The moment it starts raining heavily, make sure you pick up the outdoor table cover as soon as possible since many fabrics can only bear a certain level of water before they start leaking or developing tears. It is always better to check the outdoor fabric’s weight and outdoor table cover size before purchasing outdoor patio cushions

7) Outdoor Table Covers Need Outdoor Storage

Most outdoor table covers are made from outdoor fabrics that can survive long outdoor use if they are stored properly after taking them off the outdoor dining area. Make sure you have designated outdoor storage space for your outdoor furniture cover which ideally should be free from direct sunlight or moisture of any kind

8) Test Your Outdoor Fabric After Purchase

After making a successful online purchase, make sure you test the outdoor fabric thoroughly so as to ensure it meets your expectations. You can do this by leaving it outside in high winds or heavy rain for a certain period of time so as to make sure outdoor fabrics are designed to withstand outdoor elements.

9) Outdoor Table Covers Should Be Easy to Maintain Outdoor Patio Cushions

Choose outdoor table covers which have outdoor patio cushions which do not need any special treatment since this can increase outdoor maintenance costs significantly. For example, outdoor furniture cushions made from outdoor fabrics that have been specially treated for outdoor protection generally need a lot of care and professional cleaning techniques that increase the cost of maintenance drastically. In addition, you will also have to invest in replacement outdoor table covers as well as having them fixed by professional companies if damage occurs over time

10) Your Outdoor Dining Area Needs Insect Repellent Outdoor Patio Cushions

As mentioned earlier, many insects such as mosquitoes bite outdoor fabrics and outdoor table covers that are not treated with insect repellent outdoor patio cushions, making outdoor dining uncomfortable. Insects will naturally gravitate towards outdoor fabric and outdoor table covers which emit a sense of warmth and moisture when in direct sunlight. This makes it necessary for outdoor table covers in outdoor settings to be covered in fabrics or surfaces that repel insects such as mosquitoes


If you have outdoor eating areas, outdoor fabric or outdoor table covers should be an integral part of outdoor furniture and outdoor setting accessories. Outdoor fabrics and outdoor table covers protect outdoor chairs and outdoor tables from damage due to exposure to direct sunlight and moisture as well as accidents such as scratches by pets. When shopping for outdoor patio cushions, make sure the outdoor table cover works with your current furniture set since it may not be possible to move all pieces. For example, if you do not already own outdoor dining chairs that come with outdoor table covers then buying a complete set may not be practical.



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