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Questions To Ask Before Renting a Photo Booth

Questions To Ask Before Renting a Photo Booth

An event photo booth is an excellent way to add fun and excitement. Before you consider renting a photo booth, inquire about the quality of images, digital options, and the props available. Having the answers to these questions can make the photo booth rental process easy.

What Type of Images Does the Booth Provide?

Inquire about the type of images the company can provide. Modern photo booth rentals can provide more than traditional prints. They offer guests a range of interactive experiences that can reflect their personalities and give your event an unforgettable edge. These machines offer something beyond regular photos, from green screen technology to GIFs, Boomerangs, and videos.

What Is the Quality of the Images?

The type of camera, printer, and lighting the vendor uses will determine the quality of photos you get. Confirm that your vendor is using the best equipment for the type of event you’re hosting. 

How Many People Can Fit in the Booth?

Make sure you know how many people will fit comfortably in the booth. Some booths are designed to accommodate just two people, while others can seat up to eight guests at one time. Knowing this information can help you decide if the booth is a good fit for your event.

What Props Does the Photo Booth Rental Provide?

Inquire about the type of props available for your guests. Props help to make the experience more entertaining and engaging. Ask if you can customize the props or backdrops with corporate branding.

What Printing Options Are Available?

Ask your vendor about the different types of prints they offer and what kind of paper is used. Does the booth print in strips or postcard sizes? You may also want to find out how long photos take to print.

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Are Digital Copies Offered?

Confirm whether the vendor provides digital copies of the images. Your guests can access and share these photos on social media networks. It also ensures that you will have a copy of all your photos after the event, regardless of whether any prints were taken.

What Am I Expected To Provide?

Knowing the type of items you will be required to provide will help you prepare for the event. Most vendors require a power source, such as an extension cord or generator. You may need to provide additional lighting and space.

Do They Provide an On-site Attendant?

Find out how many attendants will be present to assist your guests during the event. An attendant should be at the photo booth throughout your event to help guests. Attendants can also troubleshoot issues and ensure that props are used appropriately.

What Backup Services Does the Company Provide?

Ask about any backup services provided in case of any technical issues with the machine during your event. Backup can include having extra equipment on standby in case something goes wrong. These services can help avoid disruption during your event.

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Ask The Right Qauestions 

Knowing what type of images the booth provides, its printing options, the number of people it can accommodate, and if digital copies are offered will help guarantee a smooth experience for you and your guests. 



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