Rebel Off Road Summit Bumper Review

Summit Bumper Review

Looking for a new bumper for your Jeep?

The Rebel Off Road Summit is a perfect choice. It’s designed to be tough enough to handle any off-road situation, but it also looks great on your vehicle.

You can use this bumper as a foundation and build from there with lights, winches, or other accessories that you need.

When I was shopping around for my own 2020 Gladiator Rubicon front bumper, I wanted something that would look good and work well in all kinds of situations – whether I was driving through the city or out in the middle of nowhere.

And now that I have one installed on my truck, it’s clear just how much thought went into designing this product!

If you want a high-quality front bumper at an affordable price point, then look no further than the Rebel Off Road Summit.

Specs & Features of This Bumper!

This bumper was built to Fit Like a Glove and Keep Your Truck Safe. It’s tough, too! The integrated winch tray gives you easy access when loading or unloading gear from the back of your truck in case that pesky tow chain breaks during bad weather conditions – never again will we see those days where people had problems getting their vehicles unstuck after being sucked into an abandoned gas station with no power supply nearby because this design has been updated for our new 40″ tire requirements (and larger if needed).

Built like a tank, the Rebel Off Road Summit bumper is built for off-road and Overlanding use. It provides you with long-lasting durability as well functionality!

Build Quality and Design

This steel bumper is not messing around. I threw every bit of abuse it has taken from me over the last nine months or so and performed perfectly in situations ranging from sandy deserts to snowy mountains tops!

These bumpers are powder-coated, sandblasted then pre-treated with a 4 stage iron phosphate wash before getting Tier 1 OEM supplier base coat coated zinc-rich primer finish.

I can tell that this bumper was designed with quality in mind. The impression of high-quality work is immediate when I see it, and you know what?

Summit Bumper

It doesn’t disappoint! This thing protects my front end without sacrificing any functionality or sleekness at all – which means no more worries about getting hit from behind while driving down the highway thanks to some jackass who thinks he’s optimizing his own path across traffic by cutting into another driver’s space…

You will really love Rebel Off-Road Bumper because it has crammed all types of performance into a compact package that makes it a perfect option for off-roading.

The launch angle is maintained while also benefiting from the protection the bumper provides: I run 35″ tires, but if ever wanted to go really wild and put 40’s on my jeep; even wheel wells are usable!

Additionally – thanks to the recessed winch mount design – this product won’t get in your way.

Off-road bikes have a lower center of gravity than road bikes, making them more stable on rough terrain.

This is because not only does it allow for improved airflow and cooling but also keeps the front wheel from dragging in loose dirt or sand when riding at high speeds over mountain passes!

Rebel Off Road Summit Bumper Installation

This heavy-duty bumper is perfect for those who want to keep their trucks looking good and functioning well. As seen in the picture above, all of your hardware needs are included with the purchase!

And since this design can be installed by either yourself at home or locally through 4WD shops – there’s no downside whatsoever when it comes time to grab some tools & get started installing yours today!.

The winch installs smoothly with a simple drop-in design that saves you both time and money. I have the Warn 89611 ZEON 10-S Winch installed on my new Rebel Off-Road bumper, which was an excellent choice because of its intuitive installation process – something we’ve come to expect from this company!


The added accessories have made my Rebel Off Road Summit Bumper a highly functional addition to the Jeep. It includes two KC Gravity LED G34 fog lights for low-level lighting when driving in the snow, rain, and fog; GearAmerica mega shackles which boast 68k pounds of capacity – perfect if you’re looking at hauling anything over 6 feet tall on your trail build!

Then there’s this Warn Zeon winch with its 1 5/8″ crown sensing drum which can pull up to 30 amps no matter how heavy or fast something comes charging towards us.

I installed a 1.5-inch TeraFlex leveling kit to bring the front end of my truck up again, and it worked perfectly!

I didn’t want to install any weight on top because that would cause more sag than what I had before with just brackets alone so when you throw in all other parts like winch cables etc., your total comes out at 220 pounds which isn’t too bad considering how much power this thing can give ya while driving off-road or snowboarding downhills without having an inkling if stability issues whatsoever – plus have some fun making new memories along the way 🙂

Pros & Cons

The Rebel Off Road Bumper has a compact design that is appreciable and easy to install. It also looks beefy, aggressive – just what I wanted!

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And the price, while higher than some off-roading bumpers, isn’t bad at all given how many features you get in return for your money.

It amazes me how much I can’t think of any cons for this bumper. It does weigh a ton, but when you factor in all the protection it offers and what not – who cares? At least as long as your rig stays on-road!


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