How Often Should You Change Your LinkedIn Profile Picture?

LinkedIn Profile Picture

So you’ve been using the same LinkedIn profile photo for years, and you’re starting to feel like it’s time for a change. But when is the right time to make that switch?

Check out our tips below to help you figure out when it’s time for a new photo!

After considering the opinions of several experts, it seems that you should change your profile photo every 3-6 months.

The input is about how often one’s LinkedIn profile picture needs updating and they go on to discuss various perspectives given by different people in order to show this idea through conversation as well as provide reasons why certain decisions were made such that readers can make up their own minds without bias.

1 Change It If It Doesn’t Appear Like You

Have you been looking for a new career? You’re not alone. It’s hard to know where and how best to start when so many options are available, but that is why Julie Bauke from the Bauke Group has come up with this helpful guide on finding an awesome job!

In it she includes everything from what kind of clothing suits your personality type all way through dress code guidelines–she even tells us which careers suit older workers perfectly well.

If you want people to take your professional side seriously, it’s important that they see a recent photo of yourself. A clean and well-groomed appearance says volumes about how up-to-date are with what’s happening in business today.”

2 Update It At least Every Two Years

Johanna Wise, LinkedIn Marketing Expert says that if you want to be successful on social media platforms such as LinkedIn then it’s important for your professional image and brand consistency.

She suggests getting pictures taken by an experienced photographer who will know what kinds of lighting or poses work best so they don’t have to be changed often – “you should always use a high-quality photo when posting something new.”

When it comes to updating your LinkedIn profile, the most important thing is that you are displaying accomplishments.

It’s not about changing headshots or taking other measures – just put out what’s latest and greatest! When someone views this information on their newsfeed from afar they should see success in front of them without even having had any contact with YOU beforehand (which means there won’t be much pressure).

That being said I do think photos play an integral role so make sure whatever picture shows up reflects how good-looking/ successful personas want others to perceive us best possible way.

An article on how often you should change your photo in different industries. The more conservative the industry is; like if someone works with clothes that are very formal or traditional looking then they might want to keep their same picture for 2 years before switching out because it’s fine as long there isn’t anything wrong With what’s being shown off (e.g., bad lighting).

However, people who work outside these types would benefit from trading up even sooner than later.

“If you’re in the beauty industry, it might make sense to keep your profile up-to-date with new products and services. You can show off how social or active an individual is by showing what they do for work! It’s not about being professional at all–it just shows different aspects of their business offering.”

3 Change Often to Gain Attention From Your Followers

I could not agree more. When I see a profile photo change on LinkedIn, this always makes me take an interest in what the person has been up to and prompts me by looking at their updated status or job listings!

One way to maintain your headshot is by having multiple outfits in each session. Catherine Montalbo, a gentleman’s personal stylist says “Frequency plays well too” and she recommends getting an annual or semiannual shoot because we all change slightly over time with age which makes us want accurate representation on social media platforms for everyone else who knows us!

Whether you change it every few months or every few years, make sure your professional headshot looks like a mirror and reflects on the quality of work that others will see when they’re looking at LinkedIn.


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