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Six Basic Things You Need If You Are a Gaming Freak

Six Basic Things You Need If You Are a Gaming Freak

You are just about minding the leisurely days that one sudden day you find yourself in an attempt to play Counter-Strike or Fortnite at your friend’s and realise how much you like pc games. You find yourself looking for new games to try your hands on and indulging in battles repeatedly till you get the MVP you desire. You discovered that you have a knack for winning every time, and in no time, you become a gaming freak.

But even quick learners may not acquire and unleash the talent efficiently and to the utmost without the skills which come with constant playing and, most importantly, the prerequisite equipment for gaming like headsets, graphic cards, rooms from Darkumbra, mouse and keyboards.

Here are the six essential things you need if you are a gaming freak:

1. Gaming-Oriented Monitor

Although most monitors technically do the job, you need a better device to enhance your gaming experience without falling astray. Since features such as high resolution, screen size, response time, refresh rate, HDR, and colour gamut matter a lot while playing games on pc. Therefore it is recommended that you keep these features in mind while buying. To make it easy, you could go for monitors designed specifically with gaming-oriented inbuilt such as ASUS TUF Gaming VG259QM or Dell SE2-417HGX. The gaming monitors’ prices range varying from budget-friendly to pretty costly ones. However, plenty of credible sources have ensured the former is as good as the latter. So do not be deceived by the price.

2. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Like the monitors, there are several keyboards specially designed for gaming. They provide you with essential features to make your gaming experience convenient and up to the mark. Mainly, focusing on the performance and responsiveness of the keyboard will fetch you the best input for gaming. However, other features matter too -size, quality, durability, backlighting (ranging from single colour to full, per-key RGB backlit keyboards), and the price of the keyboard that fits your plan.

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Apart from a keyboard, a gaming mouse is also necessary for smooth in-game functioning. Features such as play and grip style that match your comfort, accuracy, and precision of movements are to be kept in check while selecting.

 3. Controller

There are various PC games where you might require a controller for easy game play rather than a keyboard or a mouse. Controllers, also known as joysticks, come either wired or wireless (Bluetooth controllers) in various control styles designed for special functions and purposes. Xbox, Sony, Razer, and PowerA are a few popular brands for controllers that most gamers get.

4. Reliable Wifi Connectivity and Multipurpose Cable and Connectors

A poor network connection can hinder your otherwise smooth gameplay. One of the most important things to ensure doing before a gaming session is to set up a stable and reliable wifi connection. Make sure you don’t lag because of poor connectivity right when you are about to make your mega kill!

As someone who works daily with PCs and other electronic devices, you will find your space a hotch potch of entangled cables and wires. Therefore to make things a little easier, owning a multipurpose cable and connectors for computers will do. It will solve a big part of the problem and minimise the haphazard. There are various multipurpose or multi functional cables that are known for their versatility, especially in storing data and power supply which could be helpful for a more systematic setup.

5. Headset and Webcam

A headset (a combination of headphones and a microphone) helps gamers converse easily with other players or audiences while doing a live stream hands-free. Live streaming game plays have been a popular source of content and entertainment in today’s gaming world. We can see the gamers using headsets, which, apart from providing convenience, also provides a gamer aesthetics to the scene.

Naturally, to do a live stream, having a webcam is a must. It is ideal and beneficial if you look for a webcam that can support 4k videos.

6. A pair of Anti Glare Glasses

As a gamer, you sit in your space for almost the entire day and stare at your screen. It is crucial to take note of the deterioration that might be happening in your optic health. Last but not least, I would suggest a pair of blue light filter computer glasses that will minimise the risk of complications in your eyesight. In addition to it, the protection glasses are also one of the necessary accessories that might give an aesthetic to the view. Gear up for the battle!

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Having extra accessories is a plus point but not every hardcore gamer needs them to experience wholesome gaming sessions. Whether you are naturally a minimalist or want to start with the basics, you have stepped on just the correct stone to support you.



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