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Top Kitchen Design Trends That Will Dominate

Kitchen designs

Colorful cabinets, additional tiling, and upmarket touches are all to be expected.

Our kitchens have long played a vital role in our homes. After spending the majority of the previous two years at home—and making breakfast, lunch, and dinner there as well—we gained a new appreciation for our culinary hotspots. These places should be adorned tastefully because they are the heart of our homes.

To assist you to give your kitchen a much-deserved—and perhaps much-needed—makeover, we included the kitchen styles we believe will be popular in all upcoming years. Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s important to customize your kitchen to your tastes.

Understanding the most recent design trends, on the other hand, may give useful insight into how to properly refresh your area. Thankfully, these trends include everything from rich cabinetry to well-appointed accessories, so you’ll be able to find something to suit your taste and budget.

1. Cabinets with a Lot of Pigment

White-on-white kitchens are out. Neutral tones mixed with strong colors, such as deep greens, rich reds, and blues, will continue to be a go-to color scheme for most, whether it’s custom cabinetry or creating a whole living area. You can’t afford to repaint the entire kitchen? You may maintain the majority of your area peaceful and relaxed while adding a bright color accent for a pop of attention.

2. Keep an Eye on the Materials

If you don’t want a splash of color, a texture may always make a statement. Flat-panel doors are becoming increasingly popular, much as travertine and quartzite are. These advanced improvements are usually simple, and installing a new texture isn’t quite as complex as it may appear. Replacing countertops in a small space is quite straightforward and affordable. Combining it with a custom range hood might be a great idea.

3. Ovens

One of your most valued items, the oven range, should be replaced if you want to bring your kitchen into the modern kitchen. Induction cooktops are a hot topic right now. As an electric alternative to typical gas ranges, induction cooking is believed to be a safer and less polluting option. Upgrading your oven range, especially if you opt for an induction one, may be pricey. If you have a large budget, though, this change may be well worth the expenditure.

4. Tiles

Never overlook the significance of well-placed tile. Tile has had a single function for years: to offer an easy-to-clean layer that protects your walls from spills and splashes. However, it will be the year when this media takes center stage. Is there a more unusual area to apply the tile treatment? The jams in your windows. It’s lovely, straightforward, and simple to clean. With so many forms, colors, and designs to pick from, residents can easily customize this up-and-coming design trend. Having said that, it’s critical to place a premium on quality. Make certain you’re acquiring the ideal merchandise for your residence.

5. Soft Forms

More rounded curves will be seen in kitchens, creating graceful and lovely corners. Because they radiate richness and sophistication, softer shapes are seductive and inviting. They’re also more ergonomic and seem more natural to operate, and they take care of every view rather than generating abrupt stops aesthetically.

When it comes to kitchen trends, rounded edges will be especially popular in kitchen islands.

The majority of worktops, particularly at breakfast bars, are made of contrasting materials such as wood and quartz composite, with varying levels of thickness. It is more social to sit in a curved seating area. we’ll see more curved cabinets on islands, with the perimeter remaining at right angles – this will make the islands more intriguing, unique, and a statement piece to inject individuality.

6. Sustainability

Kitchens in 2022 will pay tribute to Mother Nature in a variety of ways, not only via design and décor. Sustainable living has never been more vital, and eco-friendly products will increasingly find their way into our homes when it comes to kitchen cleaning.

The need for long-lasting products is becoming the most powerful force in the industry. People are less willing to compromise on aesthetics or price, but they are more aware of their options and will make decisions appropriately. The customer will question a product’s whole life cycle, from sustainable sourcing through low-carbon manufacture to end-of-life recycling.

Sustainability will be a major trend in all year. Handmade in-frame kitchens that can be modified with fresh paint colors, handles, and knobs and never need to be thrown away.

7. Integrated Storage

Some of the top kitchen trends for this year are more functional than decorative, and smart new kitchen storage concepts are expected to be a significant theme this year.

With multi-generational living growing more popular—due to elderly parents moving in with their children or grown-up children returning home as a result of the pandemic, for example—many families will enter this year with more family members living under the same roof than they have ever had.

In modern kitchen design, wasted space is wasted opportunity to accommodate expanding family numbers. Kitchen design plans must adapt as much as possible to the necessities of this modern way of life.

Clever storage solutions are unquestionably most beneficial for smaller kitchens, as they make the most of every square inch to guarantee that every pot, pan, and utensil has a home. They are, nonetheless, extremely efficient in larger rooms for homeowners who want a methodical approach to kitchen design.

  • Use storage containers that stack and are square since they take up less room.
  • If you see any dead or underused space within your cupboards, add an extra shelf. If you have deep cupboards, this is one of the most useful pan storage solutions.
  • With more people at home than normal, it’s critical to label everything and make sure everyone understands where everything belongs.

Details, Details, Details

Backsplashes, cabinet colors, and countertop materials may instantly change your kitchen, but it’s the subtle details that can elevate your room to a new level. This requires paying particular attention to where your food processor or slow cooker is plugged in. Clients will pay closer attention to the finer points of the kitchen they are remodeling.

Impactful accents, such as Legrand’s designer wall plates, take center stage rather than disappearing into the background. To tie everything together and create a warm and inviting kitchen, keep the finishing touches neutral. If you want to add a splash of color afterward, use bright dishcloths or tableware.



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