Where to Buy Candle Making Supplies

Where to Buy Candle Making Supplies
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Do you make candles for a product line sold by your small business? If so, then you need to know about the three best places to buy candle making supplies. Not all suppliers are the same, however. Make sure you know the pros and cons of shopping at each of these three popular suppliers before you place your supply order.

1. Big-Box Stores

There are a variety of big-box superstores that sell candle-making supplies. You might even be familiar with some of the supplies that are sold at your local supercenter.

Upsides to Ordering Supplies Through a Big-Box Store

The first advantage of purchasing your candle supplies through a big-box store is online product availability. If the products that you are looking for are not on the shelf at your local store, then you can purchase them online.

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The second advantage to shopping from a big-box store is cheap and fast delivery. When you purchase supplies online, the shipping cost can be free or deeply discounted. Much will depend on how much you spend. Receiving your products from a big-box store usually takes just a day or two.

The third advantage to shopping at a big-box store is that they primarily offer complete candle making kits. Each kit is designed with the basic materials that you will need to create your own candle. Purchasing a complete kit can be beneficial because you will have a variety of supplies that are needed for the candle making process. Complete kits are great for people who are just getting started in candle making.

Downsides to Ordering Supplies Through a Big-Box Store

The first disadvantage of purchasing your supplies from a big-box retailer is the lack of selection. When you are making candles, you want to create a variety of scents and sizes for your customers to choose from. You simply cannot offer these options when you purchase solely from a supercenter.

The second disadvantage of purchasing your supplies through this avenue is that you may not need an entire candle-making kit every time you make a purchase. After a while, if you continue to buy from a big-box store, you may have too many supplies that you don’t need.

2. Wholesale Vendors

One of the best ways to purchase your candle-making supplies is to order them directly through a wholesale vendor. A wholesale vendor is a seller that offers products for bulk purchase. There are several advantages to working with a wholesale vendor and only a few disadvantages.

Upsides to Ordering Supplies Through a Wholesale Vendor

The first upside to ordering your supply through a wholesale vendor is the ability to buy in bulk. When you purchase in bulk, you will save time by not having to make multiple orders or shopping trips. You will be able to keep everything you need on hand for easy access every time you want to make a batch of candles. Purchasing in bulk can also save you money on your supplies.

The second upside to ordering from a wholesale vendor is that they have specialty products. When you work with a specialty vendor that offers candle making supplies, you are sure to find what you need. Common candle supplies sold by specialty wholesale vendors include:

  • Fragrance oils
  • Color blocks and dyes
  • Wax and wicks
  • Labels and packaging
  • Molds and jars

The third upside to purchasing from a wholesale vendor is that they offer more than just basic supplies. Specialty vendors will have supplies for more than just the beginner candlemaker which will help you customize the look and smell of your candles.

Downsides to Ordering Supplies Through a Wholesale Vendor

There are two main downsides to ordering through a wholesale vendor. However, these do not apply to every single wholesale vendor.

The first downside is the available shopping method. Many wholesale vendors do not have on-site shopping. If on-site shopping is available, then the number of locations might be limited.

The second downside is that the wholesale vendor may have minimum spending limits on your purchase. Research the purchasing policy so you know how much you need to spend to be able to buy from the wholesale vendor.

3. Local Craft and Hobby Shops

There might be a variety of local craft and hobby shops in your town that offer some candle-making supplies. Just like with big-box stores and wholesale vendors, these local shops have upsides and downsides, too.

Upsides to Ordering Supplies Through Craft and Hobby Shops

Many craft and hobby shops are locally owned. The big upside to shopping at a local shop is that you are buying from a local, small business.

Downsides to Ordering Supplies Through Craft and Hobby Shops

The biggest downside to purchasing supplies through a craft and hobby shop is that independent shops typically have higher prices for their items. If you are running a business that sells candles, your profit margin will decrease if the cost of your supplies increases.

Another downside to purchasing supplies through a local shop is the length of delivery. Special order items can take longer to get in. Small shops don’t have the same buying power as big-box stores or wholesale vendors.

4. Buy Your Candle Making Supplies from Specialty Vendors

To get the best quality candle-making supplies for the best prices, buy the items you need from a wholesale candle supply vendor. A wholesale specialty vendor is more likely to have the exact supplies that you are looking for. The supplies are also often higher quality than big-box supercenters. Wholesale vendors also tend to have more of a selection available than craft stores and hobby shops. Using specialty candle-making supplies and ingredients will help you to make the highest quality candles that will keep your customers coming back for more.


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