Lagree vs. Pilates: Is There a Difference?

Lagree vs. Pilates Is There a Difference

While many people have heard of (and even tried) Pilates, many are still confused about what Lagree is and how it’s different. Both exercises are designed to give you a full-body workout and strengthen your core, so why are we calling them by different names?

Well, the main difference is in how these exercises work your body and the results you achieve. That’s why this article will provide a more in-depth comparison of Pilates and Lagree, so you can see just how unique and advanced Lagree really is.

Lagree Is NOT Pilates. It’s Better

When it comes to fitness, Lagree is often mistaken for Pilates. And while both types of exercises are designed to strengthen your core, there is an important distinction between them. Unlike Pilates, Lagree doesn’t exclude cardio — in fact, many workouts use cardio-based movements to maximize the benefits of the exercise.

Furthermore, Lagree is a high-intensity workout incorporating faster movements, while Pilates is slower and more focused on stretching. Lagree also uses the Megaformer machine, which provides resistance to help you fully engage your muscles, while Pilates relies solely on bodyweight exercises.

The Difference in Principles

Let’s take a look at the difference between the core principles of Lagree and Pilates.


  • Effective form: Lagree exercises are all about proper form — if you don’t maintain the correct posture and movements, you won’t get the most out of your workout.
  • Effective range of motion: Lagree focuses on slow, controlled movements that engage your entire body rather than just isolated muscle groups. This helps you to get a more effective workout in less time.
  • Effective tempo: Lagree exercises are done with a cadence of three seconds up, one-second hold, and two seconds down. This tempo helps to ensure that your muscles are actively engaged throughout the exercise and that you’re pushing yourself to your maximum potential.
  • Effective duration: Lagree exercises typically last 20–45 minutes, depending on the intensity of the workout. Not only is this ideal for any busy individual, but it’s also the perfect amount of time for your body to reach its full potential.
  • Effective tension: Lagree exercises use the Megaformer machine to add resistance to your workout, which helps you engage all of your muscles and push yourself even further.
  • Effective transition: Lagree exercises focus on transitioning quickly between movements, keeping your muscles engaged and helping you burn more calories.
  • Effective plane of motion: Lagree exercises use a combination of planes of motion, so you can work your body from all angles and achieve the best results.

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  • Breathing: Pilates focuses on controlled, deep breathing to help you stay focused and relaxed during your workout.
  • Concentration: Pilates emphasizes active concentration, so your mind and body are always in sync during your workout.
  • Control: Pilates is all about controlling the movements of your body, not just going through the motions.
  • Centering: Pilates focuses on the center of your body, which helps you stay balanced while doing the exercises.
  • Flow: Pilates exercises are designed to be done in a smooth, continuous motion, so you can stay focused on the movements.
  • Postural alignment: When it comes to your posture, Pilates focuses on proper alignment to help you maximize the benefits of the exercises.
  • Precision: Pilates exercises require precise movements and correctly engaging your muscles to get the most out of your workout.

Lagree vs. Pilates: The Main Differences

There are quite a few differences between these two types of exercise, but the main ones include:

The Machine

The most noticeable difference between Lagree and Pilates is that Lagree uses the power of the Megaformer machine for an extra challenge. This machine provides more resistance than your own body weight, which helps you to increase the intensity of the exercises and get a better workout in less time.

The Pace

When it comes to pacing, Lagree exercises are done at a quicker tempo than Pilates. This helps keep your muscles engaged throughout the workout, while Pilates focuses more on slow and controlled movements. In the latter scenario, you have more time to focus on proper form and alignment but less time to challenge yourself.


How you transition from one exercise to another can also impact your workout. In Lagree, transitions are done quickly to maximize muscle engagement and help you burn more calories in the same amount of time. However, Pilates exercises usually focus on transitioning slowly and smoothly from one movement to another for better control over the body.


Because of the focus on slow and controlled movements, Pilates seems like it can offer far more stability than Lagree. However, Lagree exercises can still provide stability when appropriately done, as long as you focus on engaging your core and staying balanced throughout the entire workout. You can engage your glutes and keep your spine straight while pushing yourself with the Megaformer machine.

Muscle Focus

Excluding muscle groups is not an option when it comes to Lagree exercises, and this is because the Megaformer machine provides resistance across all your major muscle groups. Pilates, however, focuses more on the smaller muscles, such as your abs and back. Which type of exercise you choose should depend on your goals and what you would like to focus on.


Both Lagree and Pilates offer amazing benefits, but Lagree seems to be the better option for those who want a more intense workout. Lagree exercises can help you burn more calories and engage all your major muscle groups in less time. If you’re not done with Pilates — you should be! Lagree is definitely the way to go, as it offers more benefits for less time and effort. Start your next fitness journey, check out the new members specials and sign up for your first class!


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