What Happened to Tweaky Dave?

Tweaky Dave Death - Real Story, Wikipedia, Twin Sister & Facts

‘Life is terrible’ – this is true in the case of Tweaky Dave. Who is Tweaky Dave? What happened to Tweaky Dave? What is the reason behind his tragic death? These are the most searched questions on the internet. Why is everybody curious to know about him? Who is he that attracted the most of the crowd after his death? So, today we are going to disclose who Tweaky Dave is and what happened to him. So, tumble into this article and get all the information about Tweaky Dave.

What Happened to Tweaky Dave?

Tweaky Dave died in 1993. What was the reason behind his death? Well, everything about his death is explored in the book of around 300 pages written by Jim Goldberg. In his book, he mentioned that Tweaky Dave died because of a liver disorder. He added that drug addiction may also be the reason for his death. Although he died in 1993, his death didn’t get attention until the book was released by Jim Goldberg in 1995. Nobody knew about his death before the book because Tweaky Dave was not a celebrity or any other notable personality, he was just a homeless guy who lived on the streets.

This book opened the eyes of many people and they got to know about the issues faced by homeless kids. Now, there are many blogs and articles on his death available on the internet. All the appreciation for Jim Goldberg who wrote about Tweaky Dave and made everyone aware of the problems faced by him.

Is Tweaky dave on Wikipedia?

No, there is nothing mentioned about Tweaky Dave on Wikipedia. His life story is only discovered in the book published by Jim Goldberg in 1995 along with Tweaky Dave’s photos. The book got famous as ‘a devastating novel with photos’ because it has an ample number of different photographs on various pages.

Jim Goldberg got his photos because he was a photographer. He loves to shoot and film. Once he saw Tweaky Dave on the streets of LA and clicked a number of photographs of him. He also tried to talk with him and get to know about many things and some unknown facts about him.

Who is Tweaky Dave?

Tweaky Dave is a homeless child who is an addict and a male prostitute who grew up on the streets of Los Angeles. He is not a notable personality or a celebrity. He just became popular after Jim Goldberg shared his heart-wrenching life story in his mammoth book named “Raised by Wolves”. His life story brought tears to the eyes of readers and touched lakhs of hearts.

In his book, Jim Goldberg mentioned that when Tweaky Dave was about to die, he appealed to his father to invite James Brown and Cher Stephen King to his burial.

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Let’s talk about the time when Tweaky Dave came to the Jerry Springer Show. He discovered a number of facts about his life. However, one fact that made everybody surprised was the shot by his father on his stomach. Yes, you heard it right! In the 1990s, Tweaky Dave claimed that his father shot him in the stomach and left him to die. Afterward, he added to the point that this might or might not be true because he is an addict.

Tweaky Dave Twin Sister

When Dave died then Goldberg came to know about his twin sister. She was adopted by loving parents and spent her live bless fully.

Throwing Kids to the Wolves

Tweaky Dave story was also covered by Washington post in the story of a photographer named Goldberg.

Lesser Known Facts About Tweaky Dave

Here are some facts you need to know about Tweaky Dave:

  • During his death, Tweaky Dave was alone in the hospital in Los Angeles.
  • The news about his death was not published in any newspaper because nobody knew him at the time of his death.
  • He died in 1993 because of liver infection and drug addiction.
  • He said that his father tried to kill him, but we are not sure whether it is true or not.
  • Now, everybody knows about his death year, but there is no such information about his death date and death month.
  • Tweaky Dave has no Wikipedia webpage till now.
  • Around 1.5 years prior to his death, he also appeared in a television show namely Jerry springer.

Final Thoughts

To deduce, some people are still fed up with their life even after having a luxurious life. They don’t know the difficulties faced by poor and homeless people. The life story of Tweaky Dave had made everyone cry. It made people understand the feelings of the destitute kids so that they can have kind feelings and affection for them.


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