4 Steps To Solve Your Salon Marketing Problem


Running the Salon effectively demands strong marketing. And, many Salon owners fail to have it! Of course, there will be some setbacks that halt the ways to approach customers.

Selling only the services or products is not enough! It is a must to find out those marketing problems and work on them. Implementing ongoing marketing steps is essential to maintain the Salon customers or foot traffic.

Here, in this post, we are sharing those ways. However, the basic mistakes you might be adopting are also discussed. Lets’ begin!

Mistakes to Avoid in Your Salon

Not Having A Salon Website

When you are operating a Salon, having a functional salon website is important. If you do not have it, then, create it. Living in the digital world, it becomes essential to operate according to user perspectives.

Almost 90% of the customers now prefer reaching the Spas with the online medium. They check the reviews, feedbacks of the existing customers, then make their minds for a physical visit. So, be it a smooth one. Opting a site gives you a plethora of benefits. The best one is that it enables the customers to schedule their bookings online. Without online visibility, you are failing to have a chance to approach the online users.

Not Maintaining the Clients Information

With a customer’s details in hand, you can work on your tasks instantly. When you do not have any knowledge of customers, then, how do you engage them? Does not matter if you are an owner of a hair salon, nail salon, barbershops, bridal studio or medical hair spa, etc. you must know your customers. Just thinking about how to move clients from the queue is nothing but a waste of time for beneficial marketing opportunities.

Not Implementing the Loyalty Program

Retaining the existing customers and motivating them to purchase again should be your prime aim to grow your spa. And, if you cannot do so, then, you are missing a lot of footfall. Encourage your customers with reward points whenever they visit you. Give them the feeling of loyal customers and encourage them to bring friends and family.

Not Outlining All Marketing Levers

If you are working on only the discounts part as a marketing lever for Salon promotion then, you are on the wrong path. Pulling the essential marketing levers stimulates your beauty business.  It has been seen that when it is about marketing, many Salons offer only discounts. Believe us- it solely does not have much effect on generating sales.

Ways To Solve Your Salon’s Marketing Problem

Buy a Salon Software

To manage your Salon, staff and customers effortlessly, including Online booking software for Salons is a must. The solution incorporates powerful marketing features that help retain customers and give your marketing a boost. The cloud-based Salon software enables you to keep a tab on the Salon growth and assures more ROI. Below are the basic features that the solution has:

Online Booking

Customers can simply find the empty slots, schedule their bookings, pay from the reliable payment gateways, and get themselves booked.

Reward Program

Reward your existing customers for booking, and bring in new customers at your salon, make them feel valued.

POS (Point of Sale)

Simplify the Sale process with easy and seamless handling of payments, and checkout process. Sell more products with POS and get control on the stocks and commissions.

Report and Analytics

Provide your Salon Staff with insightful reports. The software’s dashboard enables you to examine your Salon performance visually.

Inventory Management

Place Salon inventory faster, lessen excess stocks and out of stocks and manage inventory. Get an overall control on the Salon inventory with Salon & Spa scheduling software.

Create a Menu of your Salon Services

Visualize sitting in a cafe and checking the menu. Which eatable are you more willing to purchase?  It will be the one that sounds like a “hamburger” Or an item that has a preparation or ingredients like that. There are chances that you will choose the latter.

The same way Salon marketing functions. Your clients are performing with the same intention when they are looking at the Salon service menu. Showing the description of the services graphically influence your customers and give them an idea of what they are receiving. It reduces the act of suspense and enables the visitors to be confident of their purchase.

Your Salon services should have an appealing or descriptive copy explaining in a detailed manner. In addition to that, you can highlight the offers or discounts the customers can have with those services.

Give Free Consultations

Offering free consultations to your potential Salon customers is a great way to get them to your Salon door. Free sessions can ease the problems or doubts of customers who aren’t much sure of your service.

As a Salon service provider, free consultations can also do wonders for you. They authorize you to check every customer to know the suitable services and treatment for them.

Here one piece of advice is that offering complimentary or free consultations, gives a huge value to your Salon. Find out if the customers are having the best experience or not. Assure to give them the best one.

What you can do is that- you can click the picture of customers from a special camera.  Accordingly, they can have a close look at their skin. Hence, give them the service or treatment according to the correct needs.

Offer Freebies

Allow your customers to share their love for your brand with freebies to increase your revenue and attract new customers. Offering loyalty benefits, discounts, and freebies to engage customers. Let them use your products and services and experience more economic advantages.

The Salons, who have a huge customer base, find it complicated to examine the loyalty of each customer in a manual way and give offers and discounts. The salon & spa scheduling software carries out this act smartly. Automatically, it keeps track of the customer communication with your Salon. Hence, generates discounts and loyalty offers to them. Let your customers have some benefits and gain more! Freebies are:

  • Simple to implement
  • Quickly gives you new clients
  • Can support in the quiet days
  • Can boost customer loyalty
  • A suitable way to include more products or services

Concluding Remarks

Marketing Salon products and services is not a cakewalk- it requires a definite strategy. Implement the above-mentioned tips and let us know how it works for your Salon.

Are you already following these steps? Do you find them helpful? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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