Australia Vs Canada: Which nation is apt for international students?


Which country should I choose to study in: Australia or Canada? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by most of international students who strive to study on an international level. It’s quite a tough task to respond to this specific question. As every developed country is better than the other one. So it becomes a rough patch for the students to basically understand how they really have to move forward in attaining quality information about which country is best? So, let’s just break the ice here by making a clear cut comparison with all the viewpoints and basic elements that usually contribute to the nation being the optimum place to immigrate.

In this blog, we have come up with a wide range of reasons that can help you pick the best nation between Australia and Canada. You just have to find that apt answer to all your existing queries. You must be thinking that both nations are best in every field. But you have to question yourself which one is apt according to your needs. If you think that you require an adequate amount of information and suppose in selecting the right one for your case. Then we advise you to associate with the remarkable ‌immigration‌ ‌consultants‌ ‌in‌ ‌Jalandhar. They have the best counsellors who can guide you to take constructive decisions related to your perspectives.

Let’s plunge into some of the paramount pointers that can help the international students to select the best nation: 

We understand that you must be walking on the road full of pebbles to just attain adequate information about which nation between Canada and Austria is best for you. Don’t worry we are helping to keep going related to this topic.

Which country can provide you with effortless PR?  

Obviously, after studying you aim to settle in your favourite nation. This is the sole aspiration of all the international students. However, the biggest question of all is how easily you can attain a visa in PR in this nation. The word PR decodes itself as the  Permanent Residency. We would like to inform you that the Canadian PR process is way more simple than the Australian one. This is one of the biggest reasons why most of the students aim to study in Canada.

You just have to complete some processes then you are all getting your PR approval. Whereas in the case of Australia you really have to work hard. So that you can become eligible for the permanent residency processes. Moreover, Canada is one such paramount nation that is known for providing facilities for immigration. The visa filing process to Canada and Australia is way more different. You will feel that you will get the PR in Canada more easily as compared to the Australian one. Land in your desired nation with the true assistance of the ‌Canada‌ ‌visa‌ ‌consultant‌.

The difference in the cost of living 

We would like to inform you that Australia is the world’s most expensive nation among all. If you aim to study in a pocket-friendly nation. Then Canada is best for you. Each location in Australia has its own set of price ranges. From Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and more, you will find the huge price difference in this nation. On the other hand, Canada is quite affordable as compared to Australia.

That becomes the prime reason why most Indian students go crazy about landing in the Canadian nation. Moreover, we would like to inform you that Canadian immigration has a wide range of additional benefits such as security for the residents, food, healthcare, insurance and more. Even if you add the cost of the groceries, transportation, laundry, restaurants and more, Canada is seventeen percent less expensive than the Australian nation. Convert your dream of landing in your desired country with the soulful help of the best ‌immigration‌ ‌consultants‌ ‌in‌ ‌Jalandhar.

Education system for international students

We all are conjuring these nations because we want to study and attain remarkable jobs right! We can easily state that Canada and Australia are equally important and famous for their international education. However, if you really aim to select the best education destination. Then you have to consider the cost of tuition fee, food choices for expenses, part-time jobs opportunities, transportation charges, university global rankings and more. The more you keep everything into full consideration the more you will find the reasons to move forward without any hassle.

We would like to inform you that Canada has a top institution that can give your career to a big flight at a limited cost. As students are crazy about studying in Canada, the government of Canada has made all the facilities easily accessible to most of the students. However, the average cost of studying in Canada will range from  $10,000 to $30,000 annually.  Whereas the cost of Australian education will be around $15,000 to $33,000 per year. For detailed information about this topic associate with the Canada visa consultants in Jalandhar.

Wrapping up 

If you are struggling hard to make a productive decision. Then we would advise you to read this blog with an informed mind. Here you will get adequate information about how you have to work hard towards achieving your success in a limited duration. We truly hope that this blog might help you to attain a better understanding of certain things.


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