5 Websites Where You Can Organize Your Thoughts

organize your thoughts

A fantastic method to express yourself and share your views with twin spirits is to keep an online journal. Furthermore, keeping a personal online diary is a great way to improve your writing abilities. The digital journaling tools often offer a wide range of capabilities that promote a richer user experience, such as voice dictation capability and automated data, time, location, and weather details recording. Most of the systems also incorporate the digital diary entries of extra material, such as photographs and drawings. Borkin argues that promoting creative self-expression is highly helpful.

Find out which online services are ideal for keeping a journal and expressing your thoughts and ideas.


Journalate is a basic online journal in which you may keep track of your thoughts. It’s best for people who wish to keep a personal online journal with private notes. It, like Penzu, provides a high level of security.

Although the platform has a simple appearance, it works well on all mobile devices. As a result, you may easily add entries from your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile devices. A free account and a premium account are available. You may import your posts using 4Hub from Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook or using the latter.


Penzu.com is highly trendy and modern since it seems like a simple notepad. You may keep a private journal here with no one seeing your notes, or you can share your ideas with friends via email at the same time. If you enjoy expressing your views at any time, use the Penzu app on your Android or iPhone for a more pleasant writing experience.

The facility has the same level of protection as the Pentagon. It can not only hide your postings from prying eyes, but it can also encrypt them. So, if you’re obsessed with privacy, Penzu is the app for you. Penzu has a large number of design themes from which to pick. As a result, you’ll be able to create and personalize your online journal quickly. Did you know there’s another software that allows you to write for free? You can download any Scribd documents for free and start putting your thoughts on paper. One of the most rejuvenating features of this website is the ability to import entries from previous diaries. To operate properly, they must be in an XML file, RSS feed, or from Livejournal.


Another well-known website for personal online entries is Diary.com. It has a lot of random diaries for you to go over. When you first visit the site, you may see some of the most recent or popular posts made by other users. As a public journal for sharing thoughts with others, it’s fantastic. On the other side, you’ll receive a personal notebook in which to record your private ideas.

So, if you have various notes (personal and public), create an account on this website.


Livejournal.com is a well-known online forum for writers who are just starting. Every journal seems to be the owner’s unique space, with its style, custom backdrop, feed, layouts, and buttons. It’s as if you’ve created your website dedicated to expressing yourself. Furthermore, Livejournal provides you with a profile page where you can fill in all of the required details about yourself and your online diary.

You may write public entries, private entries, and entries for only your friends here. Make your postings more interesting by using images, music, and videos.

In LJ, there are several communities where users may post and engage with one another. If you can’t find a community you enjoy, start one yourself and meet new people who share your interests and beliefs.

This journal website is free. However, some layouts and domain names need an annual subscription.


Tumblr is a widely used microblogging site. It is mostly used for brief entries, as well as photo and video sharing. Ensure that your videos are in the proper web format, such as converting MKV to MP4. As a result, this platform is for people who wish to exchange interesting news, GIF images, music, and other content. Of course, you have the option of making your blog private or only accessible to your friends.

Tumblr allows you to pick a theme and make minor adjustments such as font style, color, and background in terms of personalization. Tumblr, like Twitter, is based on hashtags. To get more reposts and likes, include the most popular hashtags in your entries.

Final Verdict!

Journal writing isn’t new, but it has been influenced by technology, as it has done in so many other areas. Many individuals enjoy how simple and quick it is to record their ideas in digital format. Unlike a journal notebook stashed away at home, people carry their gadgets with them everywhere they go, and most people type far quicker than they write. These journaling applications sync between platforms, allowing users to write notes on whatever device is most convenient at the moment (for example, a tablet at home and a smartphone on the road).


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