Why Professional Development is Important for Teachers

Why Professional Development is Important for Teachers

Education is a continuous and endless process. A person’s educational path simply does not end after finishing a degree or finding a career. To keep up with the tides and waves of trends and the demands of our profession, we must continually hone our craft and improve our skills to become more adept with our careers. Taking advantage of opportunities for professional development is crucial for career development and advancement.

As teachers whose pedagogy must be parallel to the demands of the K-12 educational system, it is imperative for educators to pursue continuing education. This will make the teachers more engaged, satisfied, and competitive with their profession, ensuring students’ learning outcomes.

Technologies, practices, techniques, and studies evolve and progress. Nano learning, virtual or augmented reality, project-based learning, experiential studying, early STEM education, open universities— all these are emerging trends in the field of education that a teacher must be familiar with. This plethora of innovations is why both new and experienced teachers can find areas for professional development advantageous and valuable.

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Unfortunately, many teachers still do not see the importance of investing in career development. They often neglect the principle of lifelong learning and just stop upgrading their skills repertoire. While it is relatively easy to say that we are good with our jobs now, we do not know what the future would demand from us, so to keep ourselves relevant, it is always a good idea to improve ourselves.

Inspire Others Through Learning

One reason why teachers should strive for professional development is that it rekindles their love for learning. Exemplary teachers model an attitude that can influence students to do the same. They gain a sense of inspiration and motivation from teachers who exhibit enthusiasm and passion in continuing their education.

Fire Up Your Subject Area Knowledge

Teachers must constantly seek better ways to facilitate learning for students. As such, concepts and approaches to teaching must go beyond the limitations of any prescribed curriculum. Real educators are not supposed only to teach mathematics and science conceptually. They should also make their students realize the purposes of these subjects and relate them to real life. Professional development aims to improve teachers’ skills, expertise, knowledge, and character as educators to go back to their classrooms and deliver not just quality education but also form empowered, moralistic and responsible students.

Improve Teaching Preparations

As you know, aside from educating students in the classroom, teachers also spend loads of time checking papers, developing the curriculum, and attending other ad-hoc duties. Work organization and management strategies can be learned in professional development. Having an array of tools can make you optimize learning opportunities for your students and provide yourself a better work-life balance. In this way, you can stay student-focused, organized, efficient, productive, and always on schedule.

Deal with Students’ Needs

To play our part in achieving Sustainable Development Goal Number 4: Education for All, teachers must have a basic understanding of what it takes to provide non-discriminatory education.

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Teachers should not regard students’ disabilities, gender, race, and economic status as hindrances to education. Treat everyone in the classroom fairly and equally means that students with executive functioning deficits have equal opportunities as those who do not. Teachers can recognize the gender differences but still regard fairness in teaching boys and girls.

Bloom Your Track Record and Professional Network

Professional development programs can increase your earning potential, too. The credentials, certifications, and experiences you have earned can get you a higher rank, leading to higher salaries and better opportunities. The more extensive your educational background becomes, the higher your credibility will be as a teacher. Most courses, training, and webinars are found online and should be taken to your advantage. In these events, you can also meet other professionals, be part of their circle, and help each other with career growth if destiny permits it in the future.

Open Your Eyes to Other Possibilities

Remember that in education, the more you know, the more you do not know. Opening yourself about a particular topic, learning more can branch out and lead to more relevant, engaging, and underlying topics. This is one way to find learning enjoyable and rewarding. Teachers believe that the more knowledge they open themselves up to, the bigger the world becomes for them and the more discoveries they want to make.

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All in all, it is not a trade secret that all jobs require different skills and that we may need to equip ourselves with additional knowledge in the unforeseeable future. Indeed, we can become the most sought-after employee of our time, but it will take life-learning and professional development to let it remain that way. So, whether you are attending workshops, conferences, graduate school, learning on your own, or joining professional learning communities, the key to improving yourself, your craft, career, and education is through continuous professional development.


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